In to continue on to graduate studies in

In attempting to find the correct combination of
words to encompass why I have chosen nursing as a career, I stumbled upon this
quote and it resonated with me. Choosing a career in nursing means dedicating
yourself to a passion – one that includes not only the incredible experience of
comforting dying patients, saving people’s lives in emergency situations, and
delivering babies, but also the daily care of preventing disease and treating
illnesses. Every day as a registered nurse, I would get to combine my passion
for science with my desire to help other humans and make an impact on the
health of the community.
            As a child being asked the
question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would always answer with
a resounding, “A biologist!” Eventually, as I progressed through school, my
interest in biology (and science in general) grew, leaning more and more
towards the biology of the human body. However, in the later stages of my
academic career, I had more interest in the brain and the subject of
neuroscience. I pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, with the intent
to continue on to graduate studies in Behavioral Neuroscience. Immediately upon
graduation I started in a position performing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Therapy working with children and adolescents diagnosed on the Autism spectrum
as a Behavior Technician. After my two years with the company, I realized I had
no interest in counseling on a psychological level, but still wanted to work directly
with patients within the mental health field. That is when I turned to nursing.
            The flexibility of job
opportunities in the nursing field means I can find my perfect fit, and I
believe for me, the role of a psychiatric mental health nurse is where I
belong. I believe that my knowledge and experience in the field of psychology
better prepares me for my professional goal of becoming a psychiatric mental
health nurse. After I complete my BSN at UNC Chapel Hill with high marks, I
intend to continue my studies and work towards becoming a Psychiatric-Mental
Health Nurse Practitioner. My current insight into this position is that the
nurse compiles and evaluates the psychiatric and mental health care needs of
individuals, families, groups, and communities, providing a comprehensive
assessment of a patient, prepare patients for therapy, and deliver community
education, among other responsibilities. Knowing this only leads me to maintain
that psychiatric nursing is my duty in life.
            While there are no specific
guidelines on what makes a great nurse, I believe I possess skills and talents
that would help contribute to my future work in this profession. Along with
performing extremely well in my studies, my interpersonal communication,
critical thinking, and time management skills will be beneficial. During my
occupations in customer service, I was able to build valuable relationships
with customers and colleagues, which led to my development in interpersonal
communication skills. These skills in particular will allow me to communicate
with patients, families, and doctors in a clear and concise manner. This is
something that I practice now as a CNA, and did practice as a Behavior
            In addition, my critical
thinking skills used in supervisory positions in customer service, as well as my
time management skills used during ABA Therapy will contribute positively to my
work as a nurse. Critical thinking will allow me to analyze a situation and
determine the best course of action. Then, my time management skills will allow
me to keep patients as my main focus, while still being organized and able to
accurately complete my other nursing duties.
            These stated characteristics
will contribute both to my success as a student and as a registered nurse. I
truly desire to become an exceptional RN in the Triangle area, and I know by
attending UNC Chapel Hill, it will put me one step closer to my career goals. I
admire all of the hospitals and services affiliated with and provided by UNC
Chapel Hill, and am excited to begin working in one soon. I look forward to
beginning the BSN program. Go Tarheels!