In into their shared humanity held within the

In nature, agate is formed in two layers: an outer, polished and translucent surface covers its opaque and multicolored core. The colors contained within the stone swirl and roll like an ominous thunderstorm, perfectly capturing the suspenseful and eerie atmosphere of the passage.. We can observe the significance of the crystalic layers when Beauty peers into the Beast’s soul through his agate eyes on page 47. In the first layer Beauty perceives Beast’s obvious frightening, animalistic exterior and in the second she sees only herself. In this instant she is not simply gazing into his soul, but into their shared humanity held within the agate. Like the gemstone itself the beast, or Mr. Lyon, is encased in a formidable exterior, holding a different spirit within. These layers come to define a separation between the exterior appearance and the interior truths throughout the story.Within its core, agate can take on many different colors, yet in its appearance on page 44 and again on 47, Carter emphasizes the green hue of the Beast’s agat eyes. In its core, green agate displays innumerable shades of green. Green symbolizes life, vibrancy, and rebirth but can also symbolize money, greed, and envy. Though we can surely identify these themes in the text from the Beast’s great wealth and jealousy, to the father’s greed and indulgence. Each shade and each theme is represented in the agate’s core, try to pull apart one color and the agate stone crumbles. Therefor the story emplors us to examine these themes in cohabitation as the kaleidoscopic hues imbue the gem, the beast, and the story. Throughout the story, agate and other crystals and gems metaphorically separate the exterior from the interior. Agate is not merely a gem to look through the windows of the beast’s soul, it is a film through which we ought to perceive the entire text. The story calls on us to look beyond the first layer of obvious binaries and challenge the seemingly obvious fairy tale tropes. The theme of masculinity and femininity in the first layer it may seem that Beast embodies masculinity and Beauty embodies feminine purity. Yet Beauty breaks the template, becoming empowered over Beast, and ultimately saving him as if he were a damsel in distress, reversing the traditional narrative entirely.