Cleopatra this case with Antony. This erratic behaviour,

Cleopatra possessed any characteristics, which captivated Antony and allowed her to continue her life. One aspect is Cleopatra’s ability to become human, by showing her emotions. This is seen after Antony dies, and she exclaims that she is “No more but even a woman”. This is seen in act four scene 15, and after this event, we see Cleopatra lose control over others for the first time in the play. This also leads to her being in great distress, as she cannot do anything to stop this. Another characteristic of Cleopatra is her ability to act.

The most upfront reference to this is made by Enobarbus in act 1 scene 2, “Cleopatra catching but the least noise of this dies instantly. I have seen her die twenty times upon far poorer moment. ” This analysis made by Enobarbus shows how Cleopatra plays games in order to reinstate her authority, in this case with Antony. This erratic behaviour, however, doesn’t end with such minor instances. There is an instance in the play where Cleopatra attacks a messenger saying, “Rouge, thou hast lived too long”, for such an offence, she demands execution.

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This nature in Cleopatra is another reason for her endurance in the play. Cleopatra’s sense of pride makes her an enduring figure. Although she knows that she will be ridiculed, she has the willpower not to become a trophy for Caesar, which he intends her to be. She lives up to this by nobly committing suicide after Antony’s unjustified sacrifice. Her death, however avoids the pain seen in Antony’s death, as his was for no apparent reason. Her death is seen as peaceful and painless, and her justification is seen as Antony, waiting for her.

Even Caesar sees this, and concludes, “No grave upon the earth shall clip in it a pair so famous” showing that their love was so great, and to so much consequence that it has earned them a large place in history. Now, why is Shakespeare’s Cleopatra such an enduring figure, because of her sensuality, and sexual prowess over others, both influencing mind and actions. Her almost sly actions made her a more influential and unconventional figurine.