In for achieving sustainable competitive advantage, all required

this study, we consider how the concept of Entrepreneurial Marketing helps to
combat with Red Queen effect. With the advancement of technologies, integration
of world, marketers have to run as fast as they can just to stay at same place.
To beat out the market, they have to do something different. When they change
their business model or customer value propositions, the rules change, leaving
the rest out in left field. In a hypercompetitive market, better idea has a
shorter life as it can be imitated. To sustain for long, marketer has to design
strategies that make them ahead of competition and avoid Red Queen effect.

is not the time where competitors compare strategic decision making to chess
game moves. In this 21st century, players in the market keep on
changing adding to complexity. The players create their own rules.  To combat with the situation, marketer has to
adopt Entrepreneurial marketing perspective.

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pillar, Jio has brought entire change in the Indian telecom sector, changing
rules for game. Jio increased the user’s base and average usage of data per
user. Jio played a curveball not hardball by grabbing the opportunity of making
India as Digital India. Jio made partnership and entered into an agreement with
Uber Technologies Inc., Apple, Samsung, BSNL and Indus Towers as it is
difficult to play solely in a competitive world. Jio’s free services and lower
tariffs acted as a strong motivational factor for the attraction of large
users. Jio focused on entertainment as well as financial sector. Reliance’s
entrepreneurial marketing played a major role in gaining large users base.
Jio’s non-traditional strategies for achieving sustainable competitive
advantage, all required an entrepreneurial mindset of Mukesh Ambani that shapes
the facts of present into possibilities for the future.

strategists applied six principles from Red Queen to become market drivers.
Market driver owns the market by knowing, leading, creating, conquering and be
first in target market minds. Reliance’s Jio shaken the crowded, indebted
industry with 4G network. Since 4G network has great potential for profit and
growth due to poor internet connectivity available in India and its budding lifecycle
stage. The uses of smart phones have shown tremendous increase in Indian market
leading Mukesh Ambani-Entrepreneurial marketing strategy, to come up with Jio.
Jio as game changer introduced Aadhaar based sim activation within a minute and
even home delivery of Jio sim in 8 cities of India. Jio was the fastest growing
company as it had crossed 50 million customers in 83 days while Airtel took 12
years and Idea, Vodafone took 13 years for same milestone. Reliance Jio’s free tsunami creates lot of
radical and unexpected changes in consumer’s behaviors and competitor’s
strategies. A good business is the one which is win-win for all parties
involved, and Jio is doing it pretty well