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In the past there was a big population but not as big as it is today in this generation. 200 years Ago theres was less than one billion people on this world and now there is 7 million living here.They say that our world has grown so much over thousand of years but slowly and now it has Jumped dramatically by over-population on earth. Between 1900 and 2000 the population has Grown three times greater then other times in history, its grown from 1.5 to 6.1 billion in just 100 years. Yes, the population is just getting greater and greater but the doesnt mean we can have a good future ahead of us. The world has expanded its land and space for billions of new people coming to the world.In the united states there has been a slow population growth 1937 and most of the growth and population started in the 2000’s. It has grew 0.7 and its the smallest growth rate in the last 80 years. But between July 2015 to July 2016 the nation has put 2.2 million people in the united states which brings over 323 million and that is conisdered the slowest rate of growth since 1937. Jeffrey S. Passel ( a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center) mentioned ” We are going to see, for probably another 10, 15 years, the number of deaths to slow down in the net growth.” In population the united states is number 3 in the world, behind china and india. In Texas we are in the top 3 of population and population growth, estimating around 27 million in this state. Our large size which is second next to alaska, is the reason we have a large population too. An estimate. Of our current population in 2017 is 28.30 million which is a little higher than in 2010 which was 25.1 million. Our growth rate is 1.80% which is actually in third place in the united states. We have such a huge surface area and we are so populated we actually have a large population density too like in houston, dallas, and a little on san antonio too, those cities are also recorded to have more than 1 million people wich is in the top ten of populated cities in the united states. Our surface area actually hits an astounding 268,581 square miles and we have about 105.2 people per square mile and these figures are the 26th highest in the united states. The regions population is at 900 million and its estimates to get higher in 2050. Most of the population are living in rural areas, and it makes a rapid population growth and is making less farm sizes. Soon everyones population will influence on agriculture and the smallholder farmers to have the ability to feed themselves and there families. But as soon as the population and people boost up there will be kess land for plants and farms and animals and there will be more population density which will make farmers make more food and vegetables and fruit but it will be hard especially when they have little land to use for such a huge world. Over the times will over run there land and it will be hard to get farm produced plants and food and people will get sick or not feel well by all the bad things they put in plants to make them grow faster or bigger in a little bit of time and the farmers will be accuse dof this but it owuldnt be there fault since they dont have much land to use fort ehre crops or animals to raise and there gonna be stuck in a little farm.