In and helped “transform” us to a

In project one, a resource
required to allow students to understand APA 6th style referencing, how to
identify the correct sources to research and derive information from allowing
for a higher quality of work to be produced.


During this task, I felt a
number of different feelings, the main ones being calm and comfortable, after
getting to know my team members I was aware that with my skills we would be a
good mix. As well as the fact that I had prepared effectively and well for my
section of the document. However, when the presentation date became closer, I became
nervous, as before enrolling to university I had never spoken in front of a
group of around 20 people. However, once completing the presentation I felt
relief, but slight embarrassment due to immaturity in the final session before
the presentation, and looking back, disappointment.

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I strongly believe that the
project was carried out effectively, initially I struggled to understand the
point to the task and how to tackle it, as did other team, after many
discussions I still failed to see a sense of direction, struggling to pin point
the best way to present the project, as well as knowing what to actually
include. Tom was elected team leader, and took control of the situation, breaking
the task down into smaller chunks, delegating smaller research tasks to group
members which I found extremely helpful. I was able to understand the task
more, allowing me to use my own skills and produce effective research, through
using the library resource and various books, allowing us to produce a higher
quality project. Also, this delegation made me feel trusted and a valued member
of the team, motivating me to work harder and produce quality research. “A
well-defined strategic plan outlining the purpose, values, goals and objectives
of the team becomes the glue that binds the group together and helps transform
them into a team” (Sisson, 2014) Sissons theory supports Tom’s decision, as
this did give us direction and helped “transform” us to a team. I felt
disappointment as I allowed the team to include inappropriate images that were
off topic, this meant that our presentation became a laughing stock, which
meant that I was extremely embarrassed, and disappointed as this took the
attention away from the hard work in which I had completed for the project.


If I were to do this similar
task again, I would ensure that I didn’t allow the team to become distracted,
by ensuring work is more focused taking a leadership role when required, as
this reflected poorly on myself and meant that I was unable to take or receive
credit for any of the work I did, due to the sheer embarrassment of the images
and informal language that had been used, therefore in the future this wouldn’t
be the case.


During the final project, a
presentation needed to be produced on anything that affects the industry of our
course. During a team discussion, we were unable to decide on a topic,
therefore I decided to take charge and put forward the idea of Brexit, due to
the fact that it is perhaps the most relevant current issue to businesses and
the fear of the unknown.


Throughout the project I
felt confident and also calm, I believe this to be the case as I already had an
understanding of Brexit and what it entailed for Britain and Trade especially,
due to the fact that months prior I completed an EPQ titled ‘How will Brexit
affect North East Trade?” therefore this calmness meant that I was relaxed, due
to the fact that I had already completed research and therefore was able to
take a lead role in the task, although not elected the team leader. In
addition, I was also confident, not worrying about the presentation due to the
fact that I was speaking about Brexit to a large audience only months prior,
giving me self-belief to achieve. However, in the back of my mind I was
doubtful, due to the sheer volume of Brexit and the ever-changing circumstances
surrounding the topic.


I felt that this project
allowed me to develop my leadership skills, I was able to rely on my prior
knowledge to really take lead and develop a clear plan and give different roles
to each group member, this allowed us to move quickly due to the slow start we
had deciding on a suitable topic. I decided to give myself interest and exchange
rates, along with inflation, taken action on weaknesses identified in previous
tasks. The reason for this was due to my economics knowledge, which not many
team members had, therefore despite my previous work I felt I was most useful
in this area, using my skill set effectively. In addition I developed my public
speaking skills, as mentioned these were pretty much non-existent, getting the
chance to present to people which I’m not fully sociable with has allowed me to
develop to be more comfortable with public speaking, allowing me to believe in
myself more which will prove to be invaluable, allowing me to further my
educational career and also when hunting high quality third year placement, and
future job roles. In addition, I feel I mixed with the group effectively, our
combined personalities allowed us to work well together without arguments,
keeping the environment humorous allowed me to flourish. The friendship created
led me to trust my team, which is an invaluable asset, providing me with a sharp
rise in confidence in my abilities as I felt trusted. However, there were
issues, as I have mentioned I was doubtful, this was seen in the length of our
presentation, members of the room became bored due to the complicated nature of
Brexit, whilst although we were declared winners, I find it hard to take pride
due to the fact that not all members will be informed by this.


Looking back, to complete a
similar task I would ensure a broad topic wasn’t used, for example focusing
more on the trade side of Brexit. There is still lots of information on this
aspect of Brexit, and it would have allowed us to produce a more informative
presentation that clearly links to our subject area. However, I feel my
performance in research and presentation was pivotal to an excellent team
performance, this was shown in our team being declared winners.


Action Plan:

Time Management – I will
ensure that tasks are focused, to ensure a greater outcome.

Confidence – I will keep
presenting to further develop my public speaking skills.



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