In ratiocination and performing the success at

this assignment, I want to submit two types of construction management
practices .These are planning and controlling.


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is the most important and the first step of process in performing a project. If
we haven’t planning in a project, the performances may be nonconsecutive and
false cogitation. An incorrect planning must be waste the man-power, money and
time .So, the person, who proficient project management team, should compose
the likeliest plan.


1.1        Budget Plan


Firstly, we will need to think budget plan, essential in a planning of a
project. If we have a budget plan, we can termed the values and may be
confortable in working .If may be prevent from the stop press of project and
the extra moneys. We would preconceive in budget plan, for example- consultant
fees, labor and material cost, pre-construction work cost etc.


 1.2      Organization


A  project have an organization
plan that is ratiocination and performing the success at construction
management .An organization plan means the combination and together perform the
organization that is rules, building codes , pre-construction works ,
systematically working process are meet with a construction project.   

The following are my idea of organization plan,



1.3       On
– site plan

On – site plan is refer to systematically time plan, manpower plan,
material plan and equipment plan etc. That is the project manager would be
understand and proficient the crossing of process at a construction project.


1.4       Time plan


Time plan is a time frame. It is schedule, a finishing plan of a project
management team. Mainly, it has master schedule and working schedule.


1.4.1    Master


 Master schedule is a schedule which include
progress finish date that is agree with client, consultant and relate project manager.



schedule is also schedule which is including the detail of starting date and
finishing date of detail progress timeline in site. And we should think a
working schedule before working about 3 weeks .It is 3 weeks look ahead schedule.
Because of performances nearly done and the project manager and consultant
redraw the schedule sketch –up if our progress are late. And we should need to
difference time like as master schedule and working schedule.




 We would need to know the use of manpower in a
project . We collect the manpower and employees have been training if we will
need. Need to coordinate with sub-contractor and other labor contractor. And
prepare the manpower in organization chart and weekly, monthly manpower documentary,




 We collect and choose the material which is
include the quality and prices before working project. Need to important the
choosing the eligibility material and estimation of usage of material amount.




We will need to prepare and choose the equipment that need to use in a
project such as scaffolding , tower crane , mobile crane , scissors lift, boom
lift etc..




The essential part is estimation of a project. We should know and
estimate the usage amount of a project. Project director, coordinators and
quality surveyor are need to coordinate and estimate the usage and price-tag
and marginal cost.





The employee, supervisors and engineers are need to wear the Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE) which is determine from client, consultant and main contractor.
And then complying with H.S.E.





(2)    Controlling


planning, we want to explain the controlling. Controlling is essential part in
construction Management process. There were many controlling point. According
my stage craft, I want to discuss a part.

We will need to on time performance with
working schedule and decide the continuous plan.


We must do the site layout plan and
divide site office, assess road, assembly area, smoking area, production area,
store area, etc. in site layout plan.


We should build the team which
documentation full with systematically performances. Collection and store the RFI,
RFA, Risk record, Method of statement, B.B.S, Formwork calculation etc. Need to
place the sit diary, Record book, and daily report.


Requirement of materials arriving in
site are support at finish the working schedule. So, cooperation with
procurement team and related project manager. 
But we should notice the closing relationship between procurement and
project engineers. More and more material suppliers and omission the moneys to
suppliers for quality control of material.


We must have ground rules for employee,
supervisors and other related staff such as working hour, uniform, holidays,
and perk etc.


We should build the strong survey team
before working project. No need to delay the working schedule due to survey team.
Check BM at any time.


Need to build quick communication flow
and perform the quick information. Quick making decision is important for
success of transaction.


Graph, bar chart, schedules are join at
related office to know the status quo. Showing the safety motto and rules are
important in site.

The employee supervisors and engineers
are complying the safety rules with recompense.


The explanations of the related work are
required to know related engineers, supervisors for quick performances with
decrease the false.


Advantage of employee and staff such as training
moderation salary, working hour and perk. 


At process of concreting, we will need
to check before and after casting.


The celebration of weekly meeting and
monthly meeting are important .Record the meeting minute.


Conclusion, we should do the planning before starting project. After
planning, we must do the process with schedule accordingly these planning. And
the controlling too. If becoming isochronous false, related person may be solve
by team work mind. And we will noted salutary false and infer at next project.
If we will perform the project management, the progress may be success fastest
and emphatically.