In knew that I had to do a

the past couple months, I feel like my writing has improved tremendously.

As I head towards the end of the semester I find myself reflecting not only how
I have survived it but also how much I have improved. Writing was never one of
my strong subjects, I was never really good at it. As I was registering for my
classes last semester, I decided to register for English Composition realizing
that it was about time that I challenged my weaknesses. Thankfully, I took the
class with a professor that cared and was really helpful in improving my
writing. After I got a terrible grade on my first essay I was frustrated. At
that point, I knew I had to put more effort, I knew that I had to do a major
change in how I write. After I saw the big letter “D” stamped on my paper I
knew that something had to be done in a different way. After receiving my paper,
I went over my teacher’s feedback several times, trying to find where I messed
up and how I can improve it. I think that the terrible grade I received was a
major key in improving my writing. My teacher had a comment on every word I wrote,
my paper was filled with red ink.

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Somehow, after all the hours of
writing and the effort I put in my essays, my grade in the class improved significantly.

Comp 105 has been a very interesting class. As I was going through the semester
I learned many different things. The most important thing that I learned is
that writing is a natural process and I do my best when I follow the basic
rules of that process. My writing has improved significantly by following that
process and staying away from the many mistakes I did in my first paper.

            During the semester, my teacher
assigned the class a process analysis essay. That essay made me acknowledge the
fact that everything has a process with a set of rules to follow. That being
said, writing too has a process that should be followed in order to get an ideal
piece of literature. The process for writing an essay is simple and extremely vital.

First, the person writing should know the exact topic of the essay and then
start brainstorming. After that comes the introduction, body, and then the
conclusion. Last but certainly not least, is to revise the essay several times
and try to look for mistakes. Overall, the process is very simple, however, as I
looked back at my first essay I realized that I had missed the two most important
steps. Those steps that I missed are the very first and last steps of the
process where I had to brainstorm and then revise. I learned that it is crucial
to brainstorm before starting the essay. Brainstorming helped me jot down all
my ideas on one paper so I can organize them and turn them into a fine essay. My
first essay was very disorganized, my ideas where scattered all around the
paper. I learned that when an essay is not following a certain order it
confuses the reader and gives him/her a blurry image of the writing. Adding on,
I learned to start revising my essays numerous times before handing it
in. I also learned that reading to correct spelling and grammatical errors is
an essential part of the revision process. Editing errors and mistakes keeps the
reader from becoming confused or distracted.

            My first essay in the class was awful
and unpleasant. Due to carelessness while writing, my work turned out to be
full of grammatical and spelling errors. My first essay that I wrote was filled
with feedback from my professor, there was more red ink than black on the
paper. My professor had many comments such as: wording, too casual, avoid
contractions, word order, tense shift, run on and so on. My essay had so many
mistakes that if I were to talk about them it would take a separate essay by
itself. It was disastrous, as my professor described it “garbage”.  Now that I can compare my last essay to the
first one, I can do nothing but agree with my professor’s description. After
all the effort that I put in my last essay, I could certainly see fewer
mistakes and negative comments. After I got rid of all my errors my style in
writing improved and became more pleasant for the reader. My last essays
transformed my ideas into elegant and clear images instead of it being blurry
and unorganized.

many say that people can tell the intelligence of someone by their writing. If
that was the case before the start of this semester, I would definitely be
considered as unintelligent. I feel that my writing has improved remarkably since
the start of the semester. That was clearly shown when comparing my first and
last essay. My grade rose dramatically, it increased from a 64 percent to a 99
percent. After all, mistakes are there for a reason, they’re there so people
can learn from them and improve.