In about their products and services and convincing

                In today’s technological and productive world, advertisements are one of
the most outstanding parts of our daily lives. Advertisements are means offered to people to show products
and services through various ways of communication.
It shows up with television, newspaper, and billboards.The principal aims of
advertising are giving information to customers about their products and
services and convincing them. ‘Advertisement
is very expressive; it allows a company
to present its product clearly and effectively via text, sound, and color. On one hand, advertising helps to
form a long-term sustainable image of the
product. On the other hand, it stimulates sales (Kotler,2010)’. With the
changing and developing world,
advertisements are growing at the same rate. However, the first advertisement
was a poster of a book The Pyes of Salisbury Use that put on the church’s wall
in the fifteenth century. In Turkey, the first press ads were seen about the nineteenth century that was broadcasted in pamphlet Ceri-i Havadis.  Today, there are so many kinds of ads that
we have not even heard of its name. At the same time, ‘the impact of advertising message depends on the
distribution channel. For example, a commercial on the radio is less impressive
than on TV, and also various magazines may have a different level of impact. The TV has the highest impact because it
is able to combine sound, color, motion and other factors. In addition, this
figure is significant for magazines. Some newspapers specifically improve
printing technique to print color photos
and increase the level of impact  (Kotler,
Advertisements are beneficial from the
point of increasing the production,
building conscious consumer and contributing to the national economy.

advertisements increase the production. Above all, productions go up as supply
and demand go up.This is the basic rule of production. Meanwhile, if consumers
are satisfied with the product or services that occur with ads, demand goes up so production increases. Advertisements
provide us diversity and every level of quality.Accordingly, there are so many kinds
of product.People are free to choose
them. At the same time, there is a harsh rivalry between firms to
grow their own attractiveness. In fact, this process seems to be a competition
for the firms, however, this is a different example of productivity. Besides,
good or bad, useful or harmful; it does not matter. Different and a
lot of products are in the center of our lives. How does it happen? As most of
us think that it happens by means of technology,
the most important one. Moreover, there is no limit on advertising.
Major brands are using this media with a huge
budget but they get their’s money’s worth. Because brands and points of
selling are known with the television advertising. Finally, each factor must address
and attract for production. So, advertising agencies really know play the
important role in the increasing of the production.

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             Moreover , advertisements build the conscious
consumer. The conscious consumer happens
by following the latest advance such as sales or promotion, knowing the product
closely and doing the budget allocation.  People know the cheapest and the best product
and moreover where and how they can buy it by following the latest sales. How does advertising affect
consumer choice? Namely, the more
information about the product, the more
conscious consumer. Today, people see, hear or search the ads in any way. So,
they are getting more and more familiar with the latest sales, campaigns,
promotions, products, and brands. Because
of this reason, consumers are aware of mostly product’s quality and price.
Besides, ‘comparing different products and services the consumer, in any case,
tends to get really the best (Kotler,2002)’. Ads growing with the help of
technology that has the power to change everything around recently.
So we understand that this provides a big contribution to their budget. Lastly,
‘The advertisements constitute the satisfied clients (Kotler).’

             The most important effect of advertisements
that contribution to the national
economy. The basis of economic contributions of advertising is, first
of all, to stimulate consumer’s interest and enhance the profit from the sale
or promotion of a certain product. On the
other hand, advertising encourages people
to buy and enlighten them the need for a product or services.Thanks to the growth of production,
the rate of the employment increases, inasmuch as there is a chain of
production. As an example of employment for productivity because employment is
important for the continuity of production. On the other hand, the national
economy improves with the development of marketing field as new selling
areas. ‘The more people have responded to the ads, the better it is for the
economy and economic well-being of
society (Kotler,2002).’ On the other hand, ‘Advertising is an important
component of marketing. Advertising entirely connected to the tasks of
marketing, whose final aim is the full satisfaction of consumer needs
concerning goods and services (Kotler,2002).’
Shortly, the supports of ads
for economy is the most important effect.

               On the other hand, opposing views claim
that advertisements are not beneficial for people. It is often argued that
advertisements give consumers misinformation
about their products. There is the main
question in our minds that do advertisements trick people? Also, some people
think that ads convince consumers to buy goods that are not really needed. People do not trust on the advertisements
because they think that most ads hide its undesirable truths so they choose to
not believe in advertisings. In the past, people tended to buy things that
supply with their need, however, today this
has changed. Now, they do not prefer to purchase that they need. Day by day, new and effective promotions influence the
increasing of buying. That’s why advertising causes the problem of buying
unnecessary products. Nevertheless, advertisements do not give people wrong
information. Also, ads do not fool people because there is a supervisory board
that examines advertisements before
broadcasting. This supervisory board inspects advertising agencies and products
to see whether they are a lie or true. On
the other hand, ads are a reassuring way
of communication to consumers. It requires constant
innovation and searching. It can be
submitted that ads do not create non-existent needs. Only, people do not
realize or know them. So there is no unnecessary product or service, every ad
has appeared as a result of needs.
Briefly, people’s needs bring the new production and advertising; besides, the
supervisory board’s examines show that only the real and true information can be broadcasted on media.

Consequently, the needs of people have been increasing for many years and they have identified
products or services that will cater their needs through advertisements. With
the developing of technology, needs are going up so the productions are going
up at the same rate. Due to this reason, the most effective method of telling
the products to people is advertising. Boasting the production, forming
conscious consumer and supporting the national economy ads’ advantages are not
ignored by thinking of both production and marketing. Lastly, people should
take into consideration of advertisements
that are beneficial for them because
advertisements have very different effects like
the butterfly effect.