In the opportunities being offered. Naturally, Structural Engineering

In School, where I was relentlessly challenged
academically, I was besotted by the enigma of Mathematics and Physics, which sedimented and
concretised my childhood dream of taking up Civil Engineering one day. Eventually
when I managed to get into the prestigious National Institute of Technology,
Durgapur as a student of Civil Engineering, my dream seemed to have come true.
I decided to make the most of the opportunities being offered.  Naturally, Structural Engineering appealed the
most to me because of my childhood fascination for structures. Apart from buildings, I dwelled into the secrets of
designing multifarious
structures like Retaining walls, Water tanks, Bridges and a lot more. I chose Advanced Structural Analysis as my elective, which exposed
me to matrix methods of structural analysis and its applications thereof. I
also explored the modern tools of Computer Aided Structural Analysis- STAAD PRO

In my third year, I dabbled in and
interacted with structures, when I joined LEA Associates of South Asia (LASA)
as an intern in a private
public partnership fly over project (Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover Project) in
Dhaka metropolis, being the first BOT endeavour in the country. This experience was life
changing, because here I got to see how theories are practised on ground. I was also exposed to modern
construction methods and equipments, like Soil Bucket for soil excavation and
use of Launching Girder for placement of Bridge segments, which are seldom used
in a country like Bangladesh. I became familiar with construction equipments
and sequence of use in the project along with quality assurance plan. An opportunity to interact
with the finest professionals in this field was invaluable. These interactions
and experiences gave me a deeper insight into the modern developments in the
field of Civil Engineering.

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Motivated by this experience, I chose
Bridge Engineering as my project in the final year.
I explored the
behavioural differences of a simply supported RCC Bridge with increasing skew
angle and their design implications. The project
work demanded a deep understanding of the multiple physical forces at work in a
bridge system and to imitate them aptly in the 3D bridge model generated in
ABAQUS for accurate analysis. It also required me to distinguish between
conventional and computer-aided structural analysis and appreciate them. During the evolution of
the project, it became evident to me that there are multiple avenues of
research still unexplored and hence available in this area which with profound
knowledge and zeal are not impossible to dwell in. Though I have interest and
inclination in the subject, my lack of profound knowledge seems to be
detrimental in contributing significantly to the field of structural

My country, Bangladesh, is a
developing country. It needs to accelerate its infrastructural growth to
compete with other leading countries of the world. Unfortunately, owing to its
geographical location, it is severely affected by natural disasters like floods
and cyclones. These repeated disasters lead to huge economic losses, and more
importantly, the tragic loss of human lives. Fighting such constraints calls
for an intricate analysis of structural design and requires state-of-the-art
expertise during nascent design considerations. A higher degree in Structural
Engineering will not only help me fulfil my dream of becoming a successful
Civil Engineer, but will also help me contribute towards my country and my

undergraduate coursework along with the experience I have gathered from my
project have helped me identify my areas of interest and developed the confidence
in me to pursue them. I feel confident that I possess the right aptitude, passion and
inclination for research. I have made numerous presentations on my areas of
interest and feel confident of my abilities to articulate ideas well. My School
and College, Mayo College and NIT Durgapur respectively, have endowed me with both
leadership and organizational skills. I actively took up Quizzing and Debating
in school and won an All India Science Quiz Competition in 2006. I was also
appointed the College Monitor at Mayo College for the year 2007-2008. In College,
I was a member of the Official Science Club of NIT Durgapur, Centre for
Cognitive Activities (CCA), where I conceptualised and organized “Blame the
Builder”, a dedicated event for the civil engineering students. I was
elected the Creative Head of CCA for the year 2011-2012. These varied experiences
have made me confident of my ability to
handle responsibility and deliver under pressure. I am sure these
essential assets are indispensable while pursuing graduate studies.

I now feel that a good graduate program will assist
me in deepening my insight and broadening my knowledge base. Apart from its outstanding teaching and research programs, Concordia University is acclaimed for promoting intellectual
integrity and funding its graduate students. Additionally, It is situated in Montreal
– known for its cultural diversity and never ending festivities. If given a
chance to pursue MASc in Structural Engineering in this prestigious university of Canada, I will make the best out of the