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In the book Maggie, a girl of the streets Maggie’s cause of death was suicide. This is done on purpose by the author to show their naturalistic views. Throughout the book you can see Maggie’s obsession to be part of the upper class leading to her demise. The way the other does this is by putting it in the form of the seven deadly sins. Starting with lust, she shows this early on towards Pete how is a some what cultured person. It defines Pete from Maggie’s point of view as someone whos “had a correct sense of his personal superiority there was valor and contempt for circumstances in the glance of his eye.” The second sin would be greed, Maggie saw the way Pete was and wanted to be a classy person. She already had a job, a place to stay, and had it alot better than most people like her in her time period. The third sin would be gluttony, it started with one orchestra then she over indulges herself with all the museums, theaters, and performance halls. The fourth sin would then be envy, as she goes on seeing Pete she begins to feel like she is not good enough for him and compares him to a “golden sun.” the fifth sin would be sloth, When Pete goes off with another girl Mary and Jimmy kick Maggie out and she is all by herself. The next chapter cuts right to several months later and Maggie is at her lowest. This shows that she did not do much to help herself and show a lack of initiative to better her life. The sixth sin would be wrath and the seventh sin would be vengence, she does these by killing herself. She was the at the lowest point in society at the end and got back at society and avenged herself by walking into the river and ending her life. The reader can tell this is how she went because it says “for a moment the waters lapping oily against timbers. The various sounds of life seeming unapproachable came faint and died away into silence.” The unapproachable sounds of life represents the upper class that she could never be apart of and the silence represents her life’s end.