In of Socialism. Being in the party

In August of 2016, there was some controversial news going around that Burkinis were banned in some places of France. Burkinis are full body swimsuits made to respect Islamic traditions of a modest dress. This whole controversy started on a public beach in Nice, France a woman was fined and told to take off her burkini for wearing on a public beach and it is illegal. There are a lot of perspectives on this and they are mainly related to faith, ethics and ideology. Manuel Valls who was the prime minister of France at that time was a part of the socialist party. The ideology of Socialism strongly disagrees with the idea of religion. In addition, Aheda Zanetti who is the creator of the burkinis says that this is not good for the Muslim community as a whole because of what is going on. Also, Amar Lasfar who is the president of the Union of Islamic Organisations strongly feels the Muslims in France are being discriminated. `Manuel Valls was the former Prime Minister of France from 2014-2016 from the socialist party. He joined the socialist party at the age of 17. At a young age, he had a strong belief in the political ideology of Socialism. Being in the party for so long and having a lot of experience he worked his way up the ranks and in 2001-2012 he became the mayor of Évry. From 2012-2014 he was the minister of the interior. In March of 2014, he became the Prime Minister of France. In 2017 he resigned as Prime Minister to enter the race for president and lost. As you can see Manuel Valls has a lot of experience in politics and strongly believes in Socialism. The ideology of socialism is against religion which is why I feel he supported the ban of burkinis. At that time there were many terrorist attacks around the world and some in France, a lot of them were done by ISIS. These terrorist organisations beliefs come from Islam. After these attacks, a lot of people against religion started assuming most Muslims believe in ISIS. This could be the same for Manuel Valls, he said “We have to wage a determined fight against radical Islam, against these religious which are filtering into public spaces”.  I feel that the main 2 things that influenced him were his socialist beliefs and after all these terrorist attacks the assumption of aligning most Muslims with terrorists. I feel that the implications of Manuel Valls supporting the burkini bans would really affect Muslims who were living in France. Not just the female Muslims would feel affected and discriminated, this could give the Muslims living in France a good reason to leave France for another country that is more open to different religions. Another big implication could be that after seeing the racism that politicians from the socialist party, in the next election people who believe in equality or religion they would vote against the socialist party. Which actually did happen in the 2017 election a politician from the socialist party did not get chosen and I feel that this event might have affected it. Aheda Zanetti is a female Muslim who is from Lebanon and lives in Australia. She was the creator of burkinis. After hearing about the burkini ban she was really sad and heartbroken. She created a piece of clothing for women not just Muslim women to wear to cover their whole body and keep their modesty. She disagrees with the idea of the burkini ban in France. Something that really influences her beliefs is her faith. She is a Muslim and her values and beliefs strongly align with the values and beliefs of Islam. The main reason why Muslims values and beliefs go against this burkini ban is that the burkini was created to keep the modesty of women while still enjoying the beach, playing sports or going for a swim. Completely banning the burkini would be directly going against the values and beliefs of Islam. Banning the burkini is pretty much taking away a Muslim woman’s right to have a normal to go for a swim or to go to the beach. This is where her influences don’t only come from being a Muslim it also comes from being a female. Over the years women have been regarded lower than men and her growing up and has become adult women she knows the experience. There’s not a lot now but there is still some sexism going around and being a woman she knows how it feels especially being a Muslim woman. I feel that one of the implication could be that after this burkini ban, the news was going all around the world. I feel that there were a lot of protests and people disagreeing so for a short while the sale of burkinis would increase. It shows that this issue is seen all around the world and it gets attention. The first step to fixing big problems is getting it attention and letting the world know. This also might spread the idea of women being more modest with their bodies and buying burkinis. Amar Lasfar is a rector Lille-Sud Mosque and the president of the Union of Islamic Organisations in France. He strongly believes in Islam and the beliefs and values of Islam really is a part of him. He voiced his opinion by saying that “Politicians are scapegoating Muslims”. He clearly strongly disagrees with the burkini ban in France. He also says “What’s the difference between a burkini and a wetsuit? So people want to keep women locked up at home?”After these comments, it is pretty obvious that he is against the ban on burkinis. I feel that something that really influenced him was his beliefs in Islam. Him being a Muslim and his job has a part of the Muslim community, this event should feel very close to him something even personal. He also said that this also takes away the right for women to choose what they want to wear. There could be a few implications relating to his perspective. Because he was very vocal about his opinions and they were directly related to the politicians in France that could give a bad impression on the politicians. Maybe he may have a suggestion or a complaint to tell the government they may not listen to him completely unbiased. The french government are already not completely equal and him being very aggressive could just make it worse.My own personal thoughts that are related to this are that this burkini ban is just bad and truly unnecessary. I strongly feel that Muslims are being discriminated especially the females. They can’t choose what they want to wear and they cant even go to the beach to relax or go for a swim in a public pool. I feel that the main thing that influenced my thoughts on this event is me being Muslim. I grew up as a Muslim with my mom guiding me throughout my whole life. Islam is a part of my life, I live my life following the rules and I align my beliefs and values with Islam. Because of Islam, I believe in equality for everybody. Me being a Muslim would show an obvious bias but there are reasons. If Muslim women aren’t allowed to have a normal life and also follow and believe in their religion that is not freedom. Because there have been a lot of terrorist attacks from ISIS there has been a lot of links between Muslims and terrorists even though most of the Muslim population are just normal people living normal lives and doing normal jobs like me and my family. I feel that after researching both sides with the French politician and the 2 Muslim point of views I still believe in the same idea and I don’t think that will ever change. After researching about Aheda Zanetti the creator of burkinis I’m thinking she is helping out the Muslim community so much and it makes me feel great. Then there was the former Prime Minister of France who completely agrees with the event and I disagree with him and to a certain extent I can see why he disagrees, but after researching this whole event it just makes me feel sad that Muslims are being associated with terrorists and some of them can’t even live normal lives anymore. I will try my best to spread the word about what has happened and now there is still Islamophobia going around the world. I can only do so much as a kid I will try my best and spread the message. I’m not trying to make people convert to Islam I’m just trying to shed light on Islamophobia and how it is not a bad religion and Muslims are not terrorists.