In a database using CINHAUL. I accessed

In conclusion, I found both of the searches easy yet difficult, this is because there was a lot of relevant results to choose from. Most of the results were related to asthma and children. However, the difficult thing about the search is that most of the results shown were not based in the UK. I have also noticed that changing the keywords on the search bar and filtering the search provides a lot of relevant results to choose from.

The article found in Discover provided information on how to use the inhaler correctly and it highlights that there are 50% of children that experience wheezing and this is due to not using the inhalers properly. I find this article very interesting because it includes a lot of information about asthma and I learned more about asthma from these articles. This article found in CINHAUL is very interesting as it looks at how the child’s family can support them to manage their asthma and it highlights reasons for poor asthma control and how children can control their asthma well. I found the search easy as there was a lot of relevant results to choose from. (Marsh, 2017). For both of the searches, I chose the time span from 2011-2017 in order to produce the most recent research.

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I used another search method to find out more about asthma and I did this by using Discover. I was interested in finding out how children can manage their own asthma. I accessed Discover through a search engine that was adapted by University of Bedfordshire and I searched for ‘Asthma and inhaler in Children’ in the search bar and this gave me 779,725 results. I filtered the search by changing the publication date to 2011-2017 and selected ‘peer reviewed’, this gave me 164,362 results.

When researching for asthma in children, I used a database using CINHAUL. I accessed this through BREO, this is a Bedfordshire Resources for Education Online. I went onto library catalogue and I selected ‘Health (Nursing, Midwifery & OPD)’ as my subject, this directed me to the list of healthcare databases. I clicked on ‘CINAHL Plus with Full Text’ and searched up for ‘asthma in children’. This produced 5,610 results. I filtered the search by selecting ‘full text’ and I changed the publication date to 2011-2018. This narrowed the results down to 1,504.

This essay is going to look at how I undertook research for asthma in children. Asthma is when the airways are inflamed, this causes the tight muscles within the airways, and the airways lining becomes narrower as they are swollen and inflamed. There are 1 in 11 children in the UK who are affected by asthma. (British Lung Foundation, 2018) The reason why I chose this topic is because many children are affected by asthma and struggle to manage their asthma correctly, this can lead to irritated and swollen airways; it can also lead to having asthma attacks. (WebMD, 2018)