In important element that defined job satisfaction.

In research studies, jobs satisfaction is variously
defined. Job satisfaction has been viewed through various perspectives in order
to discuss as a matter of subject. According to Locke (1976), job satisfaction
is defined as a positive contributor or pleasant state of emotion produced from
the work experience assessment. He resolved that the aspect of affect, or
feeling and cognition, or thinking is an important element that defined job
satisfaction. Many other researchers also defined the satisfaction of job is a combination
of psychological, physiological and environmental conditions which leads to an employee
to express their satisfaction in the resulting end (Hoppock, 1935). Hoppock research
has also define that in order for workers to be satisfied with their jobs,
mental, physical and environment factors plays an important role to achieve the
satisfaction of job. As stated by Vroom (1964), job satisfaction is defines as
effective orientations on the part of individuals towards work roles which they
are presently occupying. Vroom concludes that individuals must be in line with
their work to achieve job satisfaction.

There are many factors that contribute towards job
satisfaction among employees. In a recent study, there are several aspects
rated as very important relates to job satisfaction which are compensation, or
salary/wages, career development, or promotion, and job-specific training (Lee et al., 2016). Job satisfaction is very crucial feature relates to
the employees job performance. According to Lease (1998) in Singh (2013) researched 
about Study of Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Its Impact in Their
Performance, the more satisfied employees towards their jobs, they are more
likely to be less absent and more dynamic. Furthermore, they are less likely to
leave, more likely to display organizational commitment, and more likely to be
satisfied with their lives. In Malaysia, according to a research done by Jules (2017), it is proven that employees will be less likely to
execute job-hopping if the level of job satisfaction is high.

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