In essential nutrients due to their lack of

In the article,  “Most Americans Don’t Get Enough Nutrients, But They Consume Over-The-Top Levels of Fat And Sodium” by Lecia Bushak, she explains many U.S adults don’t meet their recommended daily levels of essential nutrients due to their lack of basis. Based on the study at the University of Illinois, its discovered that “Americans don’t consume enough vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and Iron. Also, they have a tradition of eating more saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium than is recommended”. It has been said children, adolescents, adults and elderly aren’t cautioned on what they consume on their daily basis because they don’t know how to start or don’t have the right information in their hands.   Personally, I didn’t know anything about nutrition until now that I’m able to take a course in school. It has been open my eyes about how much I don’t consume on a daily basis because I decide not to eat properly; In fact, sometimes when I think I’m eating the right intakes, my body tells me something else. Everyone eats differently, but everyone should eat their recommended intakes to be on the right path. Most of us don’t realize how we are hurting our body from consuming a lot of junk that has saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Therefore, it’s never too late for people to take control of their diets and nutrition intake. If people don’t take action in to take care of their body, it can lead to severe deficiencies or diseases. Nutrition is an important subject for everyone to invest their lives into; as has been noted, most of Americans living in the U.S. aren’t precise in their intake of foods. Throughout my life, I have been unlucky. I have had minor health problems, and haven’t been able to consume most foods to balance my weight. My teenage years, however, I started to lose weight and have become concerned with my diet. Changing my poor eating habits has been difficult for me, however, having this assignment has taught me that is not as difficult as I previously mentioned. The individual Dietary Analysis project helped understand the different food groups such as vegetables,  fruits, grain, meats/legumes, and extra calories. Based on the MyPlate website, I was able to know the right intakes that were calculated on my DR’s. I even made a plan about what I was going to eat and how much I was going to consume in those two days. However, it didn’t go well as it was plan. Not necessarily that I am consuming too many bad foods, but I’m not getting the all-around nutrients that I need on a daily basis. Sometimes not eating enough. Due to my lack of laziness I have at home, it is challenging to get the nutrients I need. With the target that was shown of  2.0 cups of fruits, 3.0 cups of vegetables, 7.0 ozs grains, 6.0 ozs of meat and legumes, 3.0 cups of milk, and last but not least, 290 cals of discretionary calories allowances. I fell short in most of the areas that were targeted for me; for this reason, they were two areas of consumption of grains and protein, I wasn’t able to consume a lot.