In Bering Straits was about 20,000 years

              In this Essay, I will be explaining The Major Waves Of  United States Immigration. Each Wave has a fascinating story behind it and explains all the things that people from America did to immigrants and how they used them. For Example, immigrants used to be not allowed to come to America unless they were smart, intelligent, and helped them with things that people in America needed help with. So now let’s get into Before the 1790’s.     The first to come to America over the Bering Straits was about 20,000 years ago. The first that came to America were the ancestors of Native Americans. The Native American Ancestors would landscape all around America and travel to many other places so that was how they discovered America. Then around the year 1000, a small number of Vikings arrived, after them, about five hundred years later the “great European migration” would begin. The Europeans took the risk of crossing the Atlantic Ocean which would make them have to go through :seasickness, overcrowding, limited food, rations, and diseases. When the Europeans would meet or pass by the Native American it would sometimes be peaceful, but it wasn’t always peaceful. Sometimes when the Europeans and Native Americans would pass by each other they would start a fight like if they were in the middle of war until one of them won the fight. Then by the end of the 16th century, the Spanish came and was settled in at the St. Augustine, then by the early 17th century a whole bunch of communities dotted the landscape. The people that dotted the landscape were: British in New England and Virginia, the Dutch in New York and New Jersey, and the Swedish in Delaware. All these immigrants came to America for new opportunities and/or a brand new opportunity. Now, let’s start looking into the First Wave.      The very first wave of immigration occurred in between 1790-1820. America started growing really quickly in the 1775, the population estimated by a number of  250,000 immigrants. When the revolution began the population grew and America now had about 9.6 million people in the census. The immigrants that came here early were mostly protesters that came from the NorthWestern Europe. Most immigrants would get here by boat and cross the ocean just to come to America. From the ethnic breakdown of the U.S population in the first census of 1790: English 49%,  African 19%, Scots-Irish 8%, Scottish 7%, German 7%, Dutch 4%, French 3%, and other immigrants 3%. In the early 17th century a whole bunch of  people from different countries and communities covered all of America. For Example, the people that came where from: British in New England and Virginia, Dutch in New York and New Jersey, and the Swedish in Delaware. The reason why immigrants came to America was because of: Economic Opportunities, Slavery, Political Freedom, Religious Freedom, and to be accepted for who they are, but not everyone would get what they wanted. A freed slave from the 19th Century recalled seeing something that made him know his fate. The freed slave said that “…I looked around the ship….and saw…. a multitude of  black people of every description chained together, every one of their countenances expressing dejection and sorrow, I no longer doubted my fate….” and so not every immigrant had the opportunities that they wanted. Well, now we should start looking into the Second Wave and learn more about the racism and how it all occurred.          The immigrants that first arrived in 1820 (The Second Wave) were the Asia and Europe people. The Second Wave was in between the 1830-1880. The whole entire reason they came was because the whole entire word spread about the California Gold Rush. So, immigrants got all the things that they needed got on a boat or any vehicle that could take them to America and began their journey. The next two groups of immigrants that came were the Irish and German, they both came in a really large groups. Until 1830, immigrants had never arrived in large numbers in the USA, averaging only 6,000 per year and totaling only about 1.5% of American society. Then, beginning in 1832, there was a sudden increase to 50,000 immigrants, with a peak year of 428,000 in 1854. Following a lull during the Civil War, immigration surged again in the late 19th century, with 5.2 million arriving in the 1880s alone. By 1890, nearly 14% of Americans were foreign-born. Another group that there was in America was the “Know-Nothings.” They were called the “Know-Nothings,” or “The Know-Nothing Party,” because every time someone asked at a party of theirs they would always respond saying “I don’t know?” There was also the Chinese, they were called the “Yellow Peril.” The Yellow Peril was mostly about how the Chinese were being discriminating and how they are being treated unfairly because of their “foreign languages” and “differences.” From each of the images that are above I saw that the “Anti-Chinese” people were locking up the Chinese in places they would be hidden from other people. They also would drop the ladder they would use to go across the wall of the United States Of America, and would look like they were screaming at the Chinese to leave. Now, for the final image the image was showing what the Chinese were having to go through and would have a word on the octopus arm which would also have a person going through what the word was. For Example, Cheap Labor would be the word and it would show a man and his daughter leaving/ heading out to go somewhere else. In the Third Wave you will learn about the Chinese and a few other things.         The Third Wave occurred between 1880 to 1930. The immigrants that came to America were immigrants from the East Coast, Middle East, Mediterranean, Southern, and Eastern Europe, Canada, etc. Immigrants came here for a better life with their family and for those who traveled alone came here for a better future and to look for a job. Immigrants got here by boat or another vehicle. Immigrants experienced a whole lot of racism and horrible things. For Example, the Chinese were being treated so horrible. White Americans started planning on what to do with them and how to get rid of them. They called it the ” Chinese Exclusion Act.” One of the things that the White Americans did to the Chinese was throw the ladder to the ground which was from where they would climb to cross the wall.  Most poor immigrants traveled in 3rd class or steerage, the open area below decks with no private cabin or bed. They would have to sleep on rough metal bunks and often got  seasick. Something big that immigrants had to face was the restrictions and oppositions. Here are some bullets:Taking jobs away from “Native”‘Americans.Being difficult to Americanize due to the lack of their education, their tendency to cluster in urban ethnic ghettos, and their attachment to their own languages and customs.Being racially inferior, according to the theory of Nordic Supremacy that argued NorthWestern Europeans were mentally and physically superior.This was a really rough time for all immigrants, especially when having little ones leave your side or be taken away from you and sent with someone else that you know, but might have wanted to be the one to go with your child.  Let’s start looking at the Fourth Wave now.          The Fourth Wave of US immigration takes place from 1965-2000’s. During this phase 10 Million people migrated, Africans are the largest group from the 10 million immigrants. The immigrants that came were Mexicans- over 4 million, The Philippines- over 1 million, Korea- 760,000, Dominican Republic- 750,000, India- 740,000, Cuba- 720,000, Vietnam- 700,000, Canada- 650,000. 4 times of Asians were coming now that they opened the doors for Asians. Many people come because of the war. Most illegal immigrants came because they were desperately poor, unskilled workers who come to America to take the lowest-paying jobs in our economy. In the 1920s, immigration to the US declined greatly. Millions were kept out by an immigrant quota. At this time immigrants were being restricted in certain countries. The places that they would first arrive or go to are California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.  President Lyndon Johnson on October 3, 1965 called “a cruel and ending wrong.” Johnson ended the quota. Since then people started bringing in their families to reunite with them. This act allowed people from outside, but only let them in if they had family in America or had a special talent.(This greatly increased immigration)      Unemployment = anti-immigrant backlash/feelings. Praise immigrants when need them but kick them out when they start “taking our jobs.” Increase border security, Constructing a new wall,Double size of border patrol,Build new fence,Increase deportations.We have 11 million bordering/undocumented people.The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act:This act gave 2 million people the ability to stay in the U.S legally which was a path of being an American citizen. It imposed fines of up to 10,000 on employers for every illegal immigrant they employed. (But failed to stop illegal immigration) Fake IDsNot inspecting work places for undocumented workersNot pressuring employers to stop hiring illegal immigrantsImmigrants have changed the face of  America by some immigrants( Smart and intelligent immigrants or immigrants w/ special talents) going to America and helping with different kinds of things for example if they’re doctors they can go to America to help.       So now that we hopefully  understand better and think more carefully about immigrants and immigration. It’s time to think about What role immigration plays in the American Story?  Immigration plays the role where people are treating them unfairly and that makes those people look bad because even though they’re immigrants they are still people, still human. Immi