In gel and liquids. When consuming Creatine, you

In sports, many people have heard of Ergogenic Aid, also better known as enhancement of athletic performance. There are many types of Ergogenic Aids, but a very common, well known one is Creatine. Creatine is a compound which gets used by the body by creating/storing energy and also increases muscles growth. It is sold in supplement stores and is considered a “legal steroid”. There is no solid proof that Creatine is good or bad for you but there are concerns if the supplement can cause cardiovascular, digestive or muscular problems which can make the odds of cancer being present higher. Most users of this “legal steroid” tend to be athletes and older adults. This is to reach maximum muscle builds and supply the body with more energy as mention previously.

Creatine can be dangerous to undeveloped teens. This is because muscles develop more quickly than their bones at certain times in their lives which led to increased risks of fractures. Also, any weight that is gained while using Creatine is usually water weight not muscle mass. To add, the supplement is not approved by the FDA which can mean the contents on the label are not true. Creatine is not only found in supplements, it is also found in daily foods such as meat, fish and milk. There are different types of Creatine, such as, Creatine Monohydrate (most common), Creatine Phosphate, Creatine Citrate and finally Creatine blended with CHO, Protein and Caffeine. There are different forms to consume Creatine which include, powders, tablets, gel and liquids. When consuming Creatine, you should use powdered Creatine instead of tablets. Also, do not consume caffeine or citrus while using Creatine.

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To conclude, Creatine seems to have a lot of pros and cons, but overall, there are no known facts on how it can affect your body, whether positively or negatively in the long run. Many people rely on substances such as Creatine to help boost their bodies to another level that they cannot reach without help from substances. As long as you abide and follow the serving amounts for the product and use the substance for the right reason, there is no reason to not use it other than if you want your body to be all-natural, Creatine would not be a good choice unless if you consumed it from meats and fish as stated before.