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In the analysis of the news articles published in both newspapers, I
have outlined my findings on the representations of refugees. It is evident
that Orientalism is used extensively to form a certain representation. However,
the representations found in de Volkskrant are often not opinions of the
authors but rather well-known individuals or the general public, in comparison
to de Telegraaf which expresses the
authors opinion. However, most opinions seem to follow a similar narrative of a
particular representation of refugees such as their generalisation as being
fortune seekers, a threat to Western society, the inferior ‘Other’ and

Conclusion Aylan

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Chris Ververs in his article called ‘IJdele hulphype voegt niets toe’; Kritiek op vele
burgerinitiatieven voor vluchtelingen’ (de Telegraaf, 7 September 2015) cites
theologist Frank G. Bosman who talks about the reason why Aylan’s death was
mourned world-wide. According to Bosman, Aylan’s death means he is no longer
part of the ‘problem’ of the refugee crisis, as he can no longer bring his
family over or pose a threat to Western society. This shows his strong view on
refugees as being a threat to the West, even though it is a young innocent
child. Bosman carries on with more negative commentary on refugees and says
that there is no point in the Dutch people providing refugees shelter in their
homes because in a couple of days they will no longer want them in their house
because they will start to ‘stink’. This reasoning provided by Bosman is highly
problematic. By referring to a refugee as having a bad odour implies poor
hygiene practices and reinforces the idea of the refugee as the ‘Other’ who is
therefore uncivilised and inferior to ‘us’. Frank van Vliet in his article ‘Omgeslagen’ (de
Telegraaf, 8 September 2015) highlights the risk of taking in large
numbers of refugees because of the possible terrorist that might be amongst
them. He specifically calls out on Muslim refugees by questioning how they
could possibly integrate in Western society and that it will be extremely
challenging. Van Vliet uses the representation of refugees as possible
terrorists and Muslims as possibly reluctant to integrate in Western society,
which creates a stereotype of refugees.

Inferior ‘Other’ and ‘terrorists’