In is the managing director of the company.

In this
assignment I have been assigned to choose a suitable peace of repertoire
linking to the theme of braking the mould which may be used in an event called
the week of performances which is being run by my local council. In this
assignment I would be focusing upon the repertoire of two practitioners, DV8
and Anekly Blyth and deciding upon which peace of repertoire is suitable.

DV8’s work
over these years have been deep and meaningful but also big and shocking but
one piece of repertoire that is the most outstanding would have to be the
production of John. The production of
John was directed by Lloyd Newson who
is the managing director of the company. Newson originally wanted to explore
the idea of same sex intercourse and how it can be passionate however, after
interviewing over 50 Gay men he came up with the recurring story of one man
named John. From what the men had told Newson, Newson changed his ideas to the
meaning of the play and wanted to create a play about love, drugs, sex,
homelessness and how someone can live such a life showing the true
understanding of life and giving a new meaning to dance of which what he said
“The problem with dance is that too much of it is happy to avoid controversy.”
(Trueman, M. 2014). To show the theme of breaking the mould many erotic
scenes where used in the production. One of the scenes that stand out the most
from the play must be where the character of John is within a corridor leading
to many rooms which within the rooms contained men in gimp outfits surrounding
an half naked man tied down to a bed but with the added effect of whole set
moving upon an rotating stage. This gives the impression of a gay sauna which
is where many men are always looking for this passion of romance but from what
Newson says is that this peace is not “a gay ghetto piece” (Trueman, M. 2014)
because he still want the audience to understand why people fall into this type
of life of drugs and gay sex giving and educating the audience of our changing
society and how we need to know about the new
meaning of relationships breaking the old idea of theatre by breaking the
mould with the “both the beautiful and shocking” (The Teligrath. 2017) piece.

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Yet, this is
not the only peace of repertoire created by the group DV8. Another deep and
meaningful production would have to be The
Cost Of Living giving the idea of reflection and change. The Cost Of Living tell a story about
our society and how any people are different. Focusing on the main character
David, we can just see this from him being disable with no legs or just by
looking at Eddie with his problem of being in poverty giving us the idea on how
“The Cost Of Living is very much
about those people who don’t full fill the market value.” (Gallagher, P. 2017)
showing how finance issues are a big problem in our community.  The
Cost Of Living was first influence about 17 to 19 years ago when it was the
turn of the millennium which was the turn on a new start however, due to new
technology being used around the world it was thought the computer wouldn’t
cope with the idea of going from 1999 to the year 2000 creating mass panic. But
this wasn’t for filled and the world was still standing however, this started a
spark of the idea of self-reflection in the world and how we as a society are
creating post modernistic ideas leading to the development of big brother
shocking the nation and how we are discriminating which is the meaning of the
production breaking the mould by getting people to think. One scene that shows
this from the movie adaptation would be where the character of David, played by
David tool, is on a plane of grass being harassed by a man with a camera asking
him personal questions such as “can you have sex?” and “how do you go to the
toilet?” showing the idea of how as a society we are discriminating towards
each other and mostly the disabled and the idea of us being in a matrix. Another scene that shows a similar
understanding and brakes the mould would be where David performs a direct
address to the audience breaking the 4th wall where the direct
address is him trying to flirt with us which in the world of theatre is not a
common thing that is used or shown. Yet, this is giving the idea of how out on
a matrix everyone is the same and all want the same thing.

However, DV8 are not the only practitioners that you could
link to the theme of braking the mould. Anekly Blythe is known for her repertoire of
uncovering the truth of many different issues. One of her works that show this
idea is her play The Girlfriend
Experience telling the story of 3 prostitutes Tessa, Suzi and Poppy. This
piece of repertoire was first
influenced back in 2004 where on London Road in Ipswich, 4 prostitutes were
found dead. After this news being released by the press, many people started to
slate prostitutes making many prostitutes vulnerable to society and let alone
the murders. Anekly wanted to support the prostitutes and help them get people
to understand about their lives by making a piece of theatre which was
described as being not made up as said by Gardner, “you couldn’t make it up” (Gardner, L. 2009). She
first created The Girlfriend experience
based on recorded interviews of the three prostitutes but what Anekly done was
using those interviews as her script by editing them together using the
technique of Verbatim theatre allowing the audience to hear the stories first
hand due to actors having the scripted played through headphones whilst
performing which shows the theme of braking the mould due to not many
performances using this technique or idea.

Moving onto the story of the play, Anekly Blythe showed the
theme of compassion and loneliness which we can see in many lines of the play.
We are able to understand how the character of Tessa is feeling this feeling
due to her “memory of holding hand with a chap on a seafront walk” (Billington, M.
2008) but also show how Tessa is just like us wanting love by her crave of
reality as suggested by Billington by saying “they crave the reality” (Billinton,
M. 2008). However, Anekly also explores the idea of not being able to anything
but this. This is because from what she says “selling their bodies has been
means for their survival” (Cavendish, D. 2009) meaning
that this is the only job that they can do due to many reasons which are
unknown but by showing this conflicting story and ideas of the prostitutes,
Blythe is able to create a peace of repertoire that just doesn’t only
show a hot topic at the time but also something that brakes the mould due to
being so truthful and relatable showing how prostitutes are just like us by
saying “what they do is no different from stacking supermarket shelves”
(Gardner, L. 2009).

Although, this is not the only
peace of her repertoire that was influenced by the London Road murders in Ipswich. Linking
back to the idea of The Girlfriend
experience, Anekly focused on the idea of the prostitutes and how they are
no different to us however, during a rehearsal of the Girlfriend Experience, it was thought how the residence would feel
about the attacks. By using the same technique as the Girlfriend Experience, Anekly was able to produces an
“eye-opening script” (NellFrizzellIdeasTap. 2013) showing the truth of
how the residence feel about the situation. The production explores how each
individual household feels about the events from “journalists looking for their
scoops” to “it’s been an f**king nightmare” (Seymour, T. 2015) due to the
journalists labelling the street as prostitute central annoying all the
residence. But wasn’t the only feeling the residence were feeling. As suggested
by one of the songs in the play called everyone
is very very nervous, we can see how everyone is nervous about the
situation from how the killer could be anywhere to having be given free rape alarms
to protect themselves. But with the conflict of having cheery songs within the
song such as Christmas songs, it suggest how many people are confused about the
situation of this being true or a make-believe story. However, near the end of
the piece this changes to where London Road holds an event called London Road
in Bloom where everyone tried to change the atmosphere by having a garden
competition showing how the residence stood together and how many people
trusted the street. But due to this being a true event we can see how this is
breaking the mould because of its detailed truth and focus on different views
of events.


In conclusion for what I would
choose for the event held by the council, overall for the idea of braking the
mould, Anekly Blythe’s production London
Road shows an interesting arrange of views and ideas about people and how
supporting people had really never been shown before. But from looking at her
performance of The Girlfriend Experience,
this would break the mould of
traditional theatre more because of its ability of changing the audience’s
views on prostitutes and allowing the audience to relate to the prostitutes
lives but by showing the understanding of difficult lives of those prostitutes,
it brakes the mould by having these shocking events and stories that has
happened to them which compared to London road is more important to show at the
week of performance.

Yet, looking at the repertoire
of Lloyd Newson and DV8, the cost of
living is more viable to be shown due to the ideas of reflection and
postmodernism help underline themes and personality traits that everyone has
breaking the mould of traditional theatre due to making people think about what
they do and how they can change their ways making the play standing out in the
world of theatre. However, one production that stands out the most would be
DV8’s production of John due to its
ability to explore in-depth a life of sexual exploration with same sex and
crime giving an understanding of our own modern world of how the meaning of sex
is very open and how the meaning of relationships is changing to one night
stands and or just sexual antics allowing the performance to educate the older
generation about these new ideas.