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Importance of cloud computing in business organizations.

Cloud computing means storing and access the data and programs over the devices connect to Internet instead of the external hard drive. Cloud computing is an advanced technology to run businesses. Now-a-days, the Businesses are using various kinds of applications in the cloud, like CRM, accounting, HR, and custom-built many more applications. Cloud-based applications cost friendly, since the customer doesn’t require to pay for all the hardware and software, services, or wide-ranging configuration and maintenance to run them. Cloud delivers more scalable, security more reliable and more services. Finally, implementing Cloud, allows the organizations to focus on deploying more applications, new projects, and revolution. Cloud computing emerged an enormous impact on any business.

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Hana cloud platform (HCP)

Hana cloud platform is an open based standard product that allows data base access to any sap application from anywhere, the important factor of HCP is it acts as a bridge between on premise and cloud world’s leading to hybrid IT landscape. HCP services by SAP also includes backups, Restore and Recovery, patching, system upgrades, alert monitoring and troubleshooting operational errors. Payment to HCP is based on subscription model (monthly or annual basis) hence reducing the cost over licensing and new installment. HCP simplifies the development of many application by allowing the cloud to bring different technologies under one roof and perform operation through centralized platform. Overall, it’s an easy to use, cost friendly platform chosen by many business organizations in recent days


In his article, Dan Cordingley of Forbes Technology Council says Amazon Web Services (AWS), the foremost public cloud provider, earned $12.2 billion in net sales, a 55% rise over the previous year. All the startup organizations must have required to have a cloud plan or risk losing funding. Just about every enterprise CIO has cloud migration and security in their top strategic mandates, and about 80% of IT Organizations have at least one application in the cloud.

In the article of Lauren Hockenson, we don’t have to abandon old business technique — cautious overhauls of what we already know — considering the cloud, will solve the problem. “The cloud can intercede the procedure of development across a wide global community (Joe Weinman chairman of the IEEE – 2014). As the cloud turns out to be more advanced and interfaces more devices and technologies to big data. Customers’ interaction— the art of understanding to customer needs closely — can be scaled with information to include a more extensive group, a la Netflix’s refined suggestion framework, Weinman said. Cloud innovation can likewise enable the item to side, enabling purchasers to buy into a long-term, upgradable system or network instead of basically a fun tech device.