IMC understand current state of brand awareness


Role of Integrated
Marketing Communication in building brands

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IMC plays a major role in the
process of developing,building and sustaining brands.IMC plays a role in all
B2B interactions,marketing channel communications,customer-focused
communications and internally directed communications. Building a brand is a
gradual process and does not happen overnight.It is a combined effect of a lot
of marketing activities which work in synergy towards a common goal.Here comes
the role of IMC.The whole idea of conveying a message strongly ,effectively and
most importantly uniformly across mediums is complex and hence needs to be done
with utmost care, fair amount of research and planning.

Primary goal of an IMC

Build brands ( for new entrants)

Increase profit margins (for established and
well- known players)


What does an IMC provide ?

Brand differentiation

Accountability within a firm

Trust among consumers

Levels of effectiveness in cutting through
message clutter than single strategies



Fig: An example of message clutter and the need
for brand differentiation


IMC – Characteristics needed to build a brand

Should be extremely flexible In order to be able
to adapt to the current technology driven environment where consumers are
internet savvy and have access to multiple touch points for information access

Ability to understand current state of brand
awareness and brand image within consumer’s mind and analytically find out if
they are contempt with what they are being served

Ability of marketers to connect with the
consumers and effectively communicate about the brand, thereby improving brand
awareness and image.


Best example for  brand
building through IMC

marketing campaigns can be a tricky art to perfect. We live in a multi-media
world, which means that new media and old media sit alongside one another,
sometimes competing, other times working collectively – in the case of
integrated campaigns they work together.

However despite saying all of this, consistent branding and
messaging, frequency of communications and deciding on your primary medium are
collectively important points to factor in.

 Coca Cola Life




Coca Cola Life demonstrated their innovative
style by employing multiple communication channels, with billboards, digital
screen, print, social media and point-of-sale advertising spread across over
7,000 locations, all promoting a fully integrated message. It also  included a competition that was held in London
; anyone within Britain could participate by uploading a photo with
#CocaColaLife and #comp tags. Needless to say,the campaign elevated the brand
to an altogether different level.

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