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Imagine living in a world with no energy resources. Every state, every city, and everyone would be very dark, cold, and boring with no video games and theaters to watch movies. For example, the people would need light to see, and where would that electricity come from? Energy! Thanks to scientists, we now have light and electricity. There are lots of energy resources that can make electricity and be used for fuels too. In the next few paragraphs, I will inform the reader about three common energy that we usually see. The first energy that has wind include is wind power. The second energy resource the second paragraph will be about is solar power. The last modern energy that the last paragraph will be about is biomass energy. All energies come from a renewable resource and nonrenewable resources, that can be produced from various of things like wood, the sun, and even wind. Energy is also inside in all humans because the resource we use to get energy is food. The world needs energy so we can have electricity, see at night, and have vehicles transport us.When we were younger we use to see all of these beautiful pinwheels spinning around and around. Wind is what makes the pinwheels spin and so now when it comes to wind turbines that’s also what makes them spin. A fact about wind is that during the day air above lands heats up faster than the air above the water and at night it is totally the opposite. The wind absorbs the sun Wind energy is created when wind flows into the turbine blades and it starts to spin and soon produces electricity. It stated in the article Wind Explained, it stated: “A wind turbine works the opposite of a fan”. Wind turbines collect the wind and the blades start to spin which then produces electricity. Electricity can then be stored in batteries, it can also be used for grinding grain, pumping water and several things. A power source like wind power can have good benefits such as it is plentiful, no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, consumes no water, its renewable, and it is clean. There is a complete difference between a wind turbine and a windmill. Generally, wind turbines are designed to produce electricity and windmills are constructed for grinding grain, and for pumping water. Otherwise, it does not have any differences except in the energy they harnessed is being used. Wind power has lots of benefits when it can produce electricity and fuels. In this body paragraph I will inform the reader about solar power. If you are looking for a great energy to learn about, solar power is one of the most popular energy that have been used since 1839. In fact, the sun means