Imagine ADHD, that wouldn’t be good right? ADHD

Imagine if half of our future generation had ADHD, that wouldn’t be good right? ADHD is an attention and hyperactivity disorder in many children today and they should be medicated at a young age to help them succeed in the future because, medication can take making dangerous risks decrease drastically. Starting treatments early can help them in the long-run help them focus. The kids now a days in class have a hard time focusing and keeping up with tasks cause of getting distracted so easily. ADHD is very common and children should be medicated while they are still young. There are many children in the world who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Katherine Slack’s son was very young when he was diagnosed with ADHD, she claims it got so bad to the point where he was walking around the classroom humming or doing things without even noticing. When he is not medicated he is a distraction to other children and cannot cooperate, so they medicated him to help him focus and to not be a disruption to anyone. Putting a child on a life-long medication can be hard but keeping them focused and non-distracted can help them learn (Ashford). Treating young children with ADHD is very commonly practiced. Parents are encouraged to educate themselves on the illness and make a decision for their child. Children around the age of six start most of  their learning process and need to focus in order to understand. ADHD can be very distractful and cause a lot of problems throughout someone’s life. Being medicated while young can help the learning process of an individual and better them (Manos). To all arguments, there is a flip side to the situation. Medicating small children can cause a lot of problems. Small children can not respond to certain behavior the way older children can. Many side effects can we unpredictable but if taken at a young age can cause some problems such as loss of appetite, stomachache or headache, loss of sleep, jitteriness, and social withdrawal. These effects can last a lifetime if taken while young. There are many medications for ADHD that may not be safe for young children (“ADHD Medications for Children”). Young children who are being medicated can be put into some serious health risks. “A 2004 study indicated that, between 1999 and 2003, 19 children died while taking either methylphenidate or amphetamine, the two most commonly prescribed stimulants” (“Top 10 Questions About ADHD Medications”). ADHD is being overdiagnosed around the world. Most of them are being diagnosed because they are too young or immature not just because of their behavior. Medicating young children can be bad because at such a young age they may not even have the illness (“ADHD in Children: What Parents Need to Know about Attention and Hyperactivity Problems”). Medicating children at such a young age can have many positives and negatives. Most people would agree it is better to medicate your child young so they have an easier learning process. There are different opinions going on throughout the world on if the medications help while they are young. The medications keep the children focused and help to increase the taking in of information. All children should be medicated of ADHD while young for their own benefit.