I’m like From Brokenness to Faith™ was not

I’m one of those types of people who don’t like wasting time when I’m on assignment.  When I feel God tugging at my heart, I know He’s up to something good.  I remember the earlier part of 2016 being life-changing.  One morning as I was lying in bed reflecting, praying silently in my spirit, aggravated because I was broke and broken, I heard the audible voice of God.  He clearly spoke that this would be the year I would host my first LIVE, prophetic tour for women city-to-city.  If you only knew how important this moment was after God had planted this seed fourteen years prior.  Year after year I waited.  But nothing manifested.  Until 2016 when I was graciously given the green light.  He spoke names of hostesses, cities where I would speak prophetically, and He supernaturally granted favor and resources beyond my wildest dreams.  Even though I’ve experienced supernatural moves of God before, this move was destiny-shifting. 

Birthing a prophetic movement like From Brokenness to Faith™ was not an easy task.  In fact, hosting weekly calls with women in various cities and believing God for supernatural favor plus resources took radical faith.  I was a jobless prophet, who God reformed.  After years of being sick since late August of 2013, losing just about everything including my dignity, my heart was heavy.  I never thought I would hear from God about hosting a prophetic LIVE tour, and especially not touring city-to-city.  Saddled with a heavy heart, jars of tears, and extremely tired of recounting my story of brokenness, God saw fit to amaze this ordinary girl once again.   I picked up my cross, turned on my laptop, and sent out several direct messages via Facebook.  Immediately, responses from those who God had spoken to my heart to host an event in their city answered with a unanimous “YES!”  God’s directions through that audible response created a national movement that’s still making an incredible impact to date.   Who would think no tour budget, just simple, audible directives from God, and sweeping faith during my quiet time could prompt such a radical move. 

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Even though we don’t share the same zip code or nationality, we share the same God.  And as a daughter of the most High God, He seeks those of us who are viewed as an outcast who is looked down upon or go through challenging life ordeals.   Because God loved me enough, He actively sought me out and impregnated me with purpose.  With the word of God coupled with profound faith and listening to His audible voice, He released supernatural grace showing me that I am valuable.  When God speaks, don’t waste time going back and forth with the Holy Spirit.  LEAP!  Often, we spend too much time trying to reason with God.  And, what we fail to understand is that we do not worship a God of reason.  Or, we second guess the directives of God because we talk ourselves into believing that it’s the enemy speaking.  Right?  Remember: we reverence a God who majors in using foolish things to confuse and shame the wise. 

God is speaking to your heart.  That’s why this is not the season to compromise the gift from The Ultimate Gift Giver-God.  In that season of prepping and planning for my first LIVE prophetic city-to-city tour, God moved quickly.  Did you catch that?  The Holy Spirit is very much alive: stirring, ever flowing, transforming, and faithful in all His ways.   

Somewhere between being sick, losing everything, and feeling broken, I immediately learned the connotative meaning of birthing purpose.  Christ doesn’t mind exposing sin and brokenness to help another recover because God is more faithful than you or I deserve.  For example, the more I sought God for the planning of my first LIVE prophetic city tour, I learned a valuable faith lesson concerning purpose.  That lesson was God doesn’t mind breaking rules to save the life of a sinner like the woman at the well.  You know the story of the Samaritan woman, a non-Jew, with several husbands found in John 4.

For years I longed to birth true purpose.  And I thought I had by obtaining three degrees. Oddly enough, I thought my doctorate in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Higher Education would position me as a key change agent in the online, nontraditional adult education arena.  But I never thought about educating people spiritually with the gift that I’d hidden for years.  Isn’t it funny how God allowed me to graduate with one of the highest degrees in the land, yet, I wasn’t allowed to use it the way I had thought?  That’s God.  He doesn’t mind rerouting you, changing the rules along the way, all the while alternating your path so you can collide with your true destiny. 

God stretched me and graced me all at the same time.  Not only did I fall on my knees and repented, but He sent a fresh flow of tears.  The type of tears that flow uncontrollably, which represented all the pent-up hell I’d harbored since the day that first neurological onset rudely invited itself into my life.  He continuously broke me.  He summoned me to fast.  Get quiet.  Limited my time talking to others on the phone and via social media.  And like clockwork, He woke me 3 A.M. each morning over the course of several months for intimate prayer.  During this fourth night of watch, I would wake and proclaim the word of God.  I would seek His presence and guidance to help tear down uninvited strongholds and principalities working against God’s purposeful plan for my life.  Though my journey was uncertain, one thing was becoming clearer-He was teaching me valuable spiritual lessons laced with warfare so I would be equipped to engage in the realm of the prophetic. 

God is living, speaking, and abounding.  During this interesting period of scared transformation, He desired for me to put Him first.  Every crushing emotional and spiritual blow forced me to my knees.  By faith, I couldn’t be afraid to fail because I had two children counting on me.  Therefore, failure was not an option.  Daily I waited to hear or see what God desired for me to do next.  And in order for me to heal effectively with God’s “healing balm” so I could be effective in my ministry, I would need to stand in unshakable faith and face the very thing I ran away from for years.  My faith needed to come across strong.   As I brazenly walked out this journey, God forced me to live out faith in order to put a face to purpose.  He wanted me in the trenches feeling pain, weakness, loss, fear, and ridicule on a different level.  How could I teach or preach from an authentic place, on such a profound topic like faith being the cornerstone of purpose if I had never lived at such a humbling level?  He qualified me for my next shift and no brick or mortar institution of higher learning could prepare me for this one of a kind personal warfare or subject matter.  Yes, I knew the definition of faith and I thought I understood what purpose looked like.  But nothing could help me process the literal meaning of faith or put a face to purpose like truly depending on God when I didn’t have money to pay my bills from month to month or worrying extensively about where my next meal would come from.  But during this transformative process leading up to the planning of this LIVE event, I learned something powerful along the way.  The lesson I learned was that I needed to make the choice to live fully for God and not abandon His willful plan for my life.                                                                   

God called me to plan LIVE prophetic tours in various cities guided by the fruits of the spirit setting victims free who labeled themselves as broken.  As I positioned myself to war for victory, God confirmed through me how He would use my gift to set the broken free from fear, suicide, and rejection.  While many people would call this courageous move unwise, I call it raw faith.  There I was battling to pay my mortgage and fighting for temporary medical disability from my job.  All the while my small entertainment bundle that included cable, Internet, and telephone bill was due monthly.  I needed those services to host my weekly conference calls.  Normally, $120 plus dollars could not have been an issue in the past.  But lately, God used a $120 reoccurring bill for almost two years to become my Goliath.  From month to month, I robbed Peter to pay Paul.  And when I could no longer rob Peter to pay Paul, God always provided a David to increase my faith each time Goliath was slain so I could rest, reset, and prepare for the next leg of battle.

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best for, the evidence means to prove; an indication or sign of things not seen.”  Several synonyms for hope: endurance, belief, anticipation, ambition, achievement, confidence, desire, faith, and promise are all words used to describe a miracle.  Antonyms for the word hope: doubt (you’re always uncertain about what you’re doing, where you’re going, who you are, double-mindedness), fear (a distressing emotion that keeps you in a state of panic), and despair (always wondering around feeling loss, feeling hopeless, vagabond spirit) are all words used to abort your miracle if you’re not careful of your word choice and yielding to the Holy Spirit.  Got it? 

You can’t afford to surrender to hopelessness because you’re discouraged with life or you lack faith.  With thousands of promises laid out in the Bible, I was called to dig deeper into the Word if I wanted God’s movement to come to pass.  I never thought I would chase purpose in such an unconventional way.  But planning From Brokenness to Faith™ was an uncommon promise of God that would ignite broken women with a shared purpose to rise from the ashes and stand boldly before Christ proclaiming the victory as their confidence was beautifully restored.

God is sealing promises and birthing purposes through women all over the world who are actively seeking to be set free from the lies of the Satan.  He is chasing after hungry souls, seeking to break social barriers, who want to know Christ personally.  Our Father doesn’t care if you’re throwing major temper tantrums because a good daddy understands that temper tantrums every now and again is expected of a child of a certain level of faith.   That’s why it’s His duty to course correct.  All He wants to do is give you living water so you want thirst anymore like the Samaritan Woman.   After all the spiritual calamities and emotional devastations that late August 2013 relentlessly engulfed upon me, God graciously thought enough of me to still speak life.  He had assigned me to fulfill a purpose, and a greater purpose, I intend to do. 

With every lie, Satan attempted to whisper in my ear, I continued moving boldly planning the prophetic tours where women would pour in from various cities seeking a newer revelation.  Whatever you must do to manifest your destiny, do it.  Even if it means stepping out your comfort zone to converse with a man name Jesus.  The more I think about God refreshing my life and offering me living waters so I would be set free, never to thirst again, I become sadden to think that it took so long for me too embrace this miracle gift.   This defining moment in my life offered me an opportunity to surrender to God and accept the path He had predestined for me.  Just imagine if Mary had rejected God’s message delivered by the angel Gabriel or if the Samaritan Woman had ignored Jesus’ invitation at the well.  Jesus’ wellspring gave the Samaritan woman a chance to change the trajectory of her destiny.  Despite my rebellious behavior, Christ softened my heart so I wouldn’t be afraid to respond to Him lovingly.  This miracle encounter with Jesus not only setting this nameless woman with a sordid past free but He’s setting you free. 

Just because the plan that God has for your life doesn’t seem significant to some, it’s majestic in the grand scheme of God’s kingdom.  His calling for your life is to live a sin free life and deepen your social, moral responsibility so you too can proactively help Him win souls for the kingdom.  See, that’s why it’s so crucial that you see worth in your purpose and not tarry as God calls you to a higher level.  He wants you to respond with a big “YES!”  Why?  Because you being set free from the grasps of Satan allows faithless souls to see a miracle firsthand as you walk out your purpose for Christ.    

What type of legacy are you leaving behind?

Are you living an authentic life?

What does your kingdom brand say about you?

How are you and the woman at the well similar?  How are the two of you different?

If one were to visit your social media page, what is the overarching message they would take away?