Identity and protest is a controversial segment

Identity and protest is a controversial segment of the two groups, that is, the Americans and the Mexicans. For Mexicans, there has been a constant struggle for a team seeking identity and protesting for the injustices they face, whereas Americans, have been continuously complaining over the dominance of the other group in their homeland because they deprive them of the valuable resources and jobs.  For a better life, an individual should be aware of their own identity and less protests over the violation of rights, injustices, and the inequality in the society. Over time, Americans have claimed that many immigrants from Mexico are not part of their nation, but they are the root of problems in their country. (Garcia, 234) For example, Mexicans are accused to be the reason for unemployment in the country and the entrance of drugs in America. Mexicans have always struggled to live above these accusations and stereotypes others have given them, so they can live a better life here in America.It’s extremely important that every individual has a clear identity of whom and what they are in life. A better way to analyze and define identity is to tackle it from a psychological point of view. The psychological integrity is the self-image, individuality, and self-esteem (a specific mental model of oneself). Identification can be categorized into various segments such as the personal identity, social identity, and collective identity.  Own identity relates to an individual; social identity categorically focuses on the notion of identifying oneself with a group socially and on interactive platforms. Collective identity refers to the sense of security a person enjoys for being part of an individual team and class. About the Mexican American issue of identity, there has been a whole crisis over the same issue. Americans seem to have realized their status and keep offering massive discrimination on the Mexican Americans who struggle every day to achieve identity in the USA. A significant number of activists and human rights activists both from America and the Mexican American side have conducted various protests again the mistreatment and discrimination of the Mexicans living in America. The demonstrations in some part of the country have received a warm welcome and residents of those states have joined them in the protest in demanding of a fair play for all the individuals living in America regardless of their native land. On the other hand, some of the demonstrations have turned hostile and discriminate against the Mexicans living in America.A protest is an expression of dissatisfaction with words, actions, and treatments from either particular individuals or groups of people. People can protest in different ways in the notion of making their grievances heard or possible action taken to address the issues facing them by the concerned groups and bodies. Sometimes unaddressed protests may grow into something bigger, causing riots, dissent, insurgency, activism, revolts, and civil resistance. There has been a wide range of activism, civil resistance, and insurgency in the USA over the identity of the Mexican Americans. This matter has remained unresolved for quite long, and that is the reason many issues erupt in the American territory over the Mexican identity issue. The situation worsens when the two groups clash over the same problem in that one demands the exit of the other, while the other maintains that they are legally living in the land and their right and freedom is guaranteed. The government seems to have failed to successfully address these issues. Thus, it has turned into an uncontainable situation. In the long run, the primary purpose of a protest is to communicate a message. The message demands immediate possible action in the shortest time possible and the outcry over the identity issue has been ignored for so long by the government in question.Identity is an essential element in the whole cycle of any human being. Without any sense of belonging the self-esteem of an individual is compromised and in most cases, they fail to deliver to their full potential. Individuals need to identify who they are and what they are to conduct a happy life. The same issues of identity catalyze the notion of racism both in the USA and the world at large. Once identity is realized then lives will be better, and peace will prevail in the world. A protest is an informal way of communicating with the concerned groups of the grievances or the problems certain individuals might be facing in life. It is viewed as a faster way of settling issues facing the society. The groups, governments, and bodies in charge should always be at toes to resolve such issues communicated through protests. If they don’t it may grow into something bigger that will create an enormous problem that will be hard to settle. For instance, the Mexican American protests of identity that has grown to an enormous global issue.