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For this unit I am going to try and find the answer to the enquiry titled “Has increased TV coverage affected the attendance of live sports events” As I have more of a interest in this than I do in the other possible questions. To do this I am going to use a variety of online and local sources. Task A In this task I have to search through search engine for information, which will help me, answer the above query. I will use three different search engines to help me do this, which are as follows: www. google. com, www. ask. com & www. lycos. com.

I am using three different ones to broaden my range of answers so I can have more information when I come to sum up all the data at the end. I will also use three different types of searches which are: simple, phrase and logical operators. To do this I am going to have to find information on attendances for different sports, as well as the viewing figures over the past few years for the same sports. A lot of the hits which are produced will not be relevant as most of the searches will produce thousands if not millions of responses, and only ten of them might be relevant.

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After I have looked at all three search engines I will decide which one produced the bets hits, which I will then use for the rest of the unit. Simple Search – Google The first hit that I got was the one linking me to the wikipedia, which turned out to be a very useful site. As the first was so good it, made me think that the rest of the results would have the same amount of relevance. The wikipedia page is shown as below. There are too many hits to search through them all, so I just searched through a select few from the first page.

All this website shows is the average attendance for the top 23 teams in Europe, this is not as useful as I first hoped as I have not got anything to compare it to. I can still possibly use this to compare the average attendance of other sports teams. This is another website I have found from the Google search, this one however bears no relevance to my search, and is also the data is out of date by quite a while. I can tell how old this data is by the fact that Wimbledon changed their name to MK Dons back in 2002 so this just shows how old and unreliable some of my results can be. Simple Search – Yahoo

I now need something to compare the results to so I will conduct the same search with Yahoo. Again the same website from wikipedia has appeared on Yahoo also as well as Google, so I will not show that page seeing as I have already showed it on the previous page. Again there is way too many results to search them all so I looked at the more relevant ones from the first few pages, but to no avail seeing as I could only find the one site that was relevant being the wikipedia one. Although there are less results than Google a lot of the sites have appeared on both. Simple Search – Lycos

Again to get the most information possible I am now going to search another website using the same criteria as the previous two searches. As you can see I encountered many results using the Lycos website, which is too many to go through, also the Google search came up with about ten times that amount which is just too many so I am guessing many of them will be irrelevant. Yahoo found the least results and none of first ten results were relevant as well, which is surprising considering it looked through the most pages. The same result came up on each search engine, which is helpful, but there were also many irrelevant pages about the NFL etc.

Overall I have not found many results as the criteria I searched for was too general and most of the hits will not help with the enquiry, this could be changed by using a phrase search. Phrase Search As there were too many hits in the simple search, I have decided to whittle it down by using a phrase search. A phrase search narrows down the results by quite a bit as it basically searches for that specific phrase. This should give me more relevant results… but might not give me all the information needed for this enquiry.