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“I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.” – Jackie Chan. He is now one of the most famous Chinese actor. He was also a master of martial arts. Although Jackie Chan was famous because of his achievement in movies, he still have some issues with his offsprings. And his offsprings also had some scandals. Let’s begin his journey from a rogue to a master of martial arts. Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, China. His Chinese name was called “Chan Kong-sang” which means “born in Hong Kong”. His family was poor, his father Charles was a cook and his mother Lee Lee was a housekeeper. They lived in Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. When Jackie Chan was 7 years old, his parents moved to Australia to find job. And the left Jackie himself in a Hong Kong Boarding school for him to practice martial arts, singing, drama and acrobatics for next 10 years. His master that taught him martial arts was called Zhan Yuan Yu. His first appearance in a movie is a movie called  Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. By the time, he was only 8 years old. He graduated in 1971 from the boarding school. In the same year, he got a role in a action movie called A Touch Of Zen.   After his graduation, he was forced to move to Artrialla to find a new job. He worked in a restaurant and a construction site. He also got his nickname “Jackie” from this time. A workernamed Jack had trouble pronouncing “Kong-sang” and started calling Jackie “little Jack.” That name soon become “Jackie”. (The Official Jackie Chan Website) He was very unhappy with the job he got in Astiallia. Soon, he found a man called William Chan, he was trying to find someone to star a movie made by Lo Wei. He was impressed by the Jackie’s skills. Then, he came back to Hong Kong an started his actor career.  During his actor career, he turned himself from a small character to an one-man film industry. In the beginning of his actor career, the movie that made by Lo Wei was not as success as expected. He decided to find a role on his own. Finally, he found a Comedian called Buster Keaton. He got the first true success in the movie called Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. He started a Kung Fu movie trend in Hong Kong. Before long, Chan had become the highest-paid actor in Hong Kong and a huge international star throughout Asia. (Biography.com) In the beginning of 1980s, he starts to show his skills in Hollywood. And he also got some small successes in Hollywood. Back in Hong Kong, he once impressed his fans again by some awesome movies he made such as Project A (1983), Police Story (1985) and Armor of God (1986). He was famous of impressive acting skill and his own will to act without any virtual effects. He actually got many injuries in the films he made and refused to use fake scenes in his films. He also got many success in the Hollywood in the later years. In the recent years, Jackie Chan keep making movies on his own and also became a famous donator. He decided to donate half of his wealth to charity when he dies. In 2016, Jackie Chan won the Governor’s’ Award from Oscar. It was 56 years after he step into the movie industry.And he become the first Chinese who ever who this award. And he is also the youngest Asian who won the award. After countless injuries he got and years of efforts he put in his movie production, he finally got what he deserves. Although he was a very famous movie start and donator, he still have many scandals about his offsprings. He had a son called Jaycee Chan, he also got some successes in movie and acting. However, in 2015, he was found that he allowed others to use marijuana at his Beijing apartment. And he was put in prison for 6 months for being guilty. Jackie Chan said he would not help Jaycee with the prison problem and claimed that prison is good for Jaycee Chan. Jackie Chan also had a daughter he almost never met. Jackie Chan left his daughter and his wife and they have to live on their own. Although Jackie Chan had done something wrong in his life, but everyone will make mistake. And these small mistake does not stop Jackie Chan to become a living legend. To me, Jackie Chan is like Bruce Lee in Modern Days. Many people admire him and respect to him. He also had a lot of fans in the world. And I hope we will have an actor like Jackie Chan in the future. He has been working on action movie throughout his whole life, and I don’t think he is going to stop. Jackie’s attitude toward his career is like an old in China- “One is never too old to learn.”