I handle responsibility; tasks such as setting up

I have always been intrigued and fascinated with how characters move. Also, the process in which they have been developed and moulded into childhood fantasies. Illustrations and narratives have always been a massive part of my life, the thought of creating and bringing to life a 2d image has always been a dream of mine. Adding such a huge amount of accomplishment and achievement to my skillset is my life goal. The animated film by Marjane Satrapi –Persepolis is one of my biggest inspirations. The way that a black and white film can evoke such emotion enables me to believe that I too someday would be able to also produce an amazing piece such as hers.Throughout my school life, I have maintained an active and motivated approach to my studies. While studying a range of subjects, I feel I have achieved a range of skills. In school, my role as part of the student council has enabled me to handle responsibility; tasks such as setting up events and making speeches to audiences have helped in developing my confidence. These skills have helped me develop effective communication skills with my peers and seniors. Most importantly I have understood that I can make more of a difference not only in the academic sense but also environmentally.  During my A-levels, I am studying a range of subjects across the arts-science. I was determined not to pigeon-hole myself with a narrow- minded curriculum: from Sociology, I have learnt ways of questioning the world and built up a sense of societal curiosity therefore enabling myself to understand how society affects individuals as a whole. From Applied Science I have developed a concise understanding of how and why the world works as such and from Fine Art I have understood the importance of expressing and questioning myself through a wide range of materials. Critical understanding is vital to understanding subtext and studying fine art helps with using research to underpin ideas, this subject enables you to apply more critical and analytical thinking.  Unsurprisingly, Fine Art has also enabled me to express my interests in both physical and digital form, ultimately leading me to do my entire critical study based on the idea of the unknown and mythical creatures. This study enabled me to create, explore and illustrate a narrative through a picture much like animation and offered me the chance to build on my skills.From the ages 9 and forward I was always involved in an arts club. Through the prince’s drawing club I achieved my first exhibition and since then engrossed myself in the arts. I went on further to complete a Saturday drawing club which enabled my work to be in a second exhibition.  Since I was little I would always indulge myself in art. This passion came from wanting to create and conjure up new possibilities as well as adding more ability and accomplishment to my skillset. In result of this, I have achieved an arts certificate from Sir John and Lady Frances Sorell and also the thrill of many of my arts being up in an exhibition. More recently, I achieved an animation arts certificate from the University of Creative Arts after I completed a summer course there. That course opened my eyes up to the world of animation, we learnt the anatomy of the human body in order to have a concise understanding of movement within a character, we were also able to animate a ‘smell’ using Adobe After Effects, therefore enabling me to discover, learn and apply towards my own work.I believe that the ability to motivate myself is a key aspect towards an achievement. I am an extremely hard-working person and am committed to reaching my goals- to succeed in life. Most importantly, I have a great interest in the subject of animation. Overall, I consider myself to be a hard-working, creative and innovative student who is motivated by challenges, and I feel that a university degree in Animation will be the ultimate foundation to start a career.