I stayed quiet and settled, not knowing what

I was a surprise baby born a year after my mother entered the United States. Born out of wedlock, my mother and father got married so I can have my father’s last name. I had to change my relationship with my parents while I continued to live my childhood. With my parent’s marriage ending in divorce, I did not know how to handle the separation. As I grew up, I asked my parents why they had to separate in which they responded “it was in the best interest of both of us and your future” and “we’re only thinking about your future”. At that time I stayed quiet and settled, not knowing what their intentions were until it was revealed later in my life. Transitioning between home and school every day puzzled me. Weird games with elementary school kids at the playgrounds met the applications of sports, music, and church in the evening. I learned from each and to each adjusted. My mind and body continue to mature, while my childish spirit still roams. The soccer ball I puzzled over in childhood, is now my reality. Years of watching and practicing soccer at different clubs and at home became years of captivating myself in my own sports. Drawn to sports and medicine for its competitiveness and music for its creativity I find new perspectives. My room has become a sanctuary where I envelop myself with knowledge and hours of my favorite music and tv shows. It’s my escape from boring conversations and awkward encounters at school. A place consisting of math, science, and music books that have given me new interests and bright ideas. A place that has set the incentive for me to gain knowledge and pursue my career. As I walk in, a guitar, a piano, my cleats, and thick medical books are placed around my room. I have developed an atmosphere where I strive to succeed and my pride is solely based off of my own accomplishments. I owe this to a mother and a father who taught me how to dedicate my time to my academics and how I should drive myself to succeed. A dream of mine is to create a new technology that would help people with brain disorders live a better and healthier life. My hope is that it would change the life of a person who is suffering from brain disorders and would lead to more research on technology and medicine. Realizing how important this is I wish to be a part of it. This dream comes from my exposure to close friends who have had brain disorders and how their loved ones are struggling to take care of them. Bringing ideas to the surface is difficult, but attainable. I remain optimistic about the future generations because their creativity and thoughts will bring success.