I with joy and the scales of

I know you’re tired but you can not give up.  Tap into Christ for supernatural strengthen, boldness, and encouragement.  No more lounging around, going nowhere making up excuses as you wait for another sign from God.  It’s time to run not walk into your destiny!  God is working overtime with His amazing grace ensuring that even your fruitless years aren’t wasted?  What do I mean?  During Zacharias alone time in the temple burning incense, a messenger from the Lord appeared.  At that very moment, Zacharias, shocked and full of fear couldn’t believe that he would be chosen by God to play an extraordinary role in history.  See, priests usually never hear directly from God.  But, Zacharias did. 

The more you prophesy God’s promises over your life, the more you come to understand your true identity—the road He’s called you to travel.  No longer will you live in confusion, engulfed with shame or pain.  As an alternative, you will follow God’s biblical truths and do what He mandates.  Your heart will burst with joy and the scales of blindness that once cover my eyes or your eyes will no longer conceal His loving truths.   

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 As the Holy Spirit directs you to move forward, your purpose becomes clearer and clearer.  And the mere fact that you are His child gives you access to kingdom benefits.  For every mountain you’re faced with, God will prove Himself mighty and strong when you have a personal relationship with Him.  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited because I know that God is restoring everything around you.  Yes, somethings may have been damaged during your storm, but God is great at setting order where there is none so the truth can prevail and your faith may increase and those who see you may increase their faith too.

Are you still surprised He chose you?  The ordinary girl He’s separating from the masses, calling to shift atmospheres, all while ministering to the hearts of those who are broken.  You were hand selected and set apart for this significant appointment way before He formed you inside your mother’s womb. 



A forerunner who is spiritually and emotionally equipped by His grace will bring others to salvation.

This is your time.  The proper time that God ordained under the heaven and stars.  The time of setting order and mending fences so you can freely walk down the path He’s purposely designed for you.

Though the enemy wants you to remain confused, living a lie that God has not called you to live, He’s called you to travel a road of oneness with Him.  Today is the day where you see the hand of the Lord show up fiercely in your life and fight for you.

What type of demand are you putting on your life?

What road is God exposing you to travel?

Being a good Father, He’s not afraid to take the time to blow His breath upon you…suddenly transforming your life, giving you a new outlook, for your new normal.

No longer are you confused about your calling.   You are clear about your destiny.  Your calling is beckoning you to search every corner that seems as if you were meant to show up there—even when you don’t have nothing to work with. 

When God decides to choose you, His grip is so tight that you’re unable to escape His call.  His hands are firmly gripped around your heart, empowering you to listen closely, love deeply, or forgive quickly.  When God decides to let you experience His love to transform your life like Ezekiel in chapter 37, He will use any means necessary.  Ezekiel was led through a valley of dry bones that were visible.  You’re talking about seeing brokenness first hand.  Can you imagine see all these dry bones unearth?  No one loved them enough to give them a proper funeral. 



Hurtful ways.

As you prepare to crossover the Jordan River, breathe.  Do not become so complacent that you abort your new season or the promises in which God has made to you because you want to remain ordinary when God is calling you to be extraordinary.  No matter what you go through or what situation you’re facing, God is present.  Trust Him.  As you walk blindly on the floor of the Jordan, know that He is going before you driving out every inhabitant sent to distract you. 

God’s gift to you if a new path—a new road for you to travel.  He’s freely handing out gifts to those who are willing to push past level one.  Now is the time where your gift will show up, stirring up the heavens and manifesting change here on earth.  Rhythmically, you and those around you will see the maturity in your spiritual and emotional works. 

I believe wholeheartedly you’re learning the power of resiliency and how it impacts your purpose.  Resiliency teaches you how to fight.  You learn to speak up.  You learn to finish what you start.  Get ready because this is the season where you learn to roar loudly and with a purpose.  I can remember after finishing 60 hours in coursework towards my doctorate, I didn’t want to face my dissertation process.  I was afraid.  I didn’t have anyone to mentor me or motivate me.  Chapter 4 kept me up many nights and prolonged my time in school.  But I kept fighting!  I know longer wanted to walk; I wanted to run…and sprint quickly to the finish line.

I couldn’t figure out my methodology chapter.  I wanted to quit.  But I kept going because failure was not an option.  I searched for ways to unlock that door that was blocking me from seeing my future.  Luckily, God sent someone to help me master chapter 4.  It was as if this woman was sent from heaven.  One day my aunt came to visit me and she brought her sister-in-law along.  As the heavens would have it, her sister-in-law had a doctorate in Sociology and had taught a number of graduate level classes in this area.  Can you say, “Divine appointment!”  I cried like a baby when this woman walked me through the steps and told me what I was missing.  What I needed to rethink, add, delete, reorder, and the list went on and on.

But before this door was opened, I cried… I kicked… I screamed… I prayed a lot…  I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that nothing comes easy.  I felt imprisoned like Paul.  Please understand that I was teaching at numerous colleges and universities as an adjunct instructor online and onsite currently.  I was a single parent of two kids and attending graduate school fulltime.  I was overworked.  Spiritually depleted.  All the while trying to remain emotionally coolness not showing panic to my children and family members who were constantly asking, “Are you still graduating in August?” 




My point, if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to complete the task and trust God in the process—perspective.  You start to get real innovative about ways to shorten the length of your travel time in an attempt to arrive safely at your destination. Remember, no pain, no gain.  Anything valuable is costly.  You can’t obtain purpose cheaply.  The promise land is yours for the taking!  I’m going to repeat.  The promise land is yours for the taking.  Supernatural provisions are falling into your lap.  The more you walk out your purpose assignment, the more you can expect to receive favor-the miracle of God.

God is preparing many of you for leadership in this hour as you gear up to impact the world with your miracle.  But, are you truly ready to handle the gift?  For you to crossover and recover it all in this season, redeem yourself, and walk out your purpose, you must have the capacity to adapt quickly.  This preparation will first start with the transformation of your mind.  Joshua in the Bible was a leader.  He was the successor after the death of Moses.  You must know that many are called to birth purpose, but few are chosen by God to withstand the hits on the battlefield.

Oftentimes, society dictates the roads or means of transportation used as means to travel.  But what we must understand is that purpose is bigger than a personal choice.  God gives us the ability to choose, but He desires for us to choose wisely as we look to Him for guidance or next steps. 

Your old ways of doing things must go.  Now!  For example, you can continuously pack the same items for a warm climate if God is sending you to a cold climate.  If you consistently refuse to change because you want to remain out of touch, you will unconsciously create roadblocks on your path to birthing purpose.  In other words, God’s plan for your life dictates change.  And if you’re not careful, you will find yourself ignoring the warnings from God causing unnecessary pressures if you fail to pay attention to life’s instructions or the signs positioned on the side of the road as you travel to your assigned destination.

For example, certain doors will not open.  I don’t care how much you knock or shake the handle if it’s not God’s will for my life, that door will not open because disobedience and spiritual ignorance are not viable options,  neither is wandering in the wilderness like the older Israelites due to fear and unbelief. Your only choice is to remain faithful and stay on God’s path. 




Get ready to CROSSOVER and birth your divine miracle.