I (2012) and graduate economics studies at Tokyo

I am applying for admission to the PhD program in Global Environmental Studies because I am determined to get a career in the research and teaching of sustainable energy and sustainable development. Specifically, I am interested in analyzing how the production, distribution and consumption of social friendly energy resources will help address developmental challenges in the global South. In order to adequately gain an appreciation of the aforementioned and other related issues, it is required of me to have a strong background in interrelated subjects like: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Energy Economics, Environmental and Resources Economics, Energy Justice, Finance, Sustainable Development, Development Economics, Econometrics, environmental law, Social Justice and  Public Policy. Familiarity with climate change adaptation and mitigation policies from global perspectives are also imperatives.I am convinced that the PhD program in Global Environmental Studies (with multidisciplinary orientation) would be a practical trajectory to achieving these objectives. It would be a timely avenue for me to direct my quantitative and conceptual skills acquired in my previous studies in investigating the current trilemma of development: social, economic and environmental harmonization. As part of my career path, I would like to apply for a full faculty position at a university where positions in the area of environment and sustainable development are available. I would be interested in examining energy policies and their relationships with socio-economic development and environmental sustainability, particularly in developing countries. I would specifically be interested in the applications of energy economics, energy law and justice, environmental law, distributive justice and human rights theories to sustainability studies.I believe that my background in economics and geography in senior high school (SHS) (2003), management and economics at undergraduate level from University of Ghana (UG) (2012) and graduate economics studies at Tokyo International University (TIU) (2017) have provided the groundings for such future a career. I had always thrived to get career in economics.  Consequently, I proceeded to complete B.A. in Economics and Management at (UG) from 2008 to 2012. At UG sophomore, I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar on careers in economics. I got to know that economists work in range of fields including banks, politics, research, insurance, environment, teaching etc. However, I conceived that although working in other sectors might be more lucrative than academia, I preferred becoming an academic and research economist in the near future. In that, the duo merges to create better values for society. I had always dreamed of international education in economics. Part of the reasons being that foreign education helps one to understand the diversity of human society and opens the opportunity to think globally. Thus, in 2015, I enrolled at the Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo International University to study M.A. in Economics. While at TIU, after taking three classes in development economics, I began to narrow my interests in economics to areas that are needed so much in the global South. Thus, I became focused on health, efficiency and productivity analysis, sustainable development, environment, poverty and gender issues. My growing interests in sustainability issues in the United Nations has led me to mind provoking topical and contemporary issues in energy and development, energy and climate change, environmental justice and their relation to the well-being of poor countries in particular. For example, it disturbs me to read that: “The first hit and worst affected by climate change are the world’s poorest groups”, (Kofi Annan, Global Humanitarian Forum, 2006).I am determined to complete a PhD study at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GES), Sophia University for many reasons relating to contemporary developmental issues in a global perspective. Inter alia, normative and positive approaches of the programme meet my expectation in dealing with sustainability studies. I got to know Global Environmental Studies when I was searching for universities with a school or department whose curricula seek to address developmental issues from a transdisciplinary perspective. The School’s strengths in using multidisciplinary approach from both social and physical sciences to train individuals in research and management skills to tackle the current human-induced environmental issues commensurate with my current research interests and future career. The faculty’s reputation for practical teachings through workshops and seminars, challenging and wide range of coursework and the excellent facilities provide a fertile ground for a holistic intellectual development. I found Professor John Joseph PUTHENKALAM research interests more relevant and matches with my PhD proposed theme.I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths match the requirements of GES’s PhD program in Global Environmental Studies.