I This festival’s main corner is burning

I talk about Sun Jose Fire Festival. This festival is
held March 19 in Valencia of


Spain. Famous artists make
high quality dolls which express the year’s events such

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as famous people’s scandal,
government’s scandals. This festival’s main corner is


burning dolls. When dolls
are fired, Valencia area is shining. This view is said very




I think this festival is unique. Because dolls
expresse unhappy things but people  


 enjoy this festival. In addition, dolls are
very colorful. Why people in Valencia


Izumi 2


enjoy this festival and
why artists make colorful unhappy dolls? 
Answer is


found in Sun Jose fire
festival’s history. Sun Jose is guardian of carpenters.


They had to stay oil lump
to continue their job. Then oil lump was on


tool was made from wood. When carpenters


 finish there work, they began to


fire “palot” to gain heat.
This action is beginning of Sun Jose fire festival. Now,


festival becomes famous.


 And Valencia becomes famous too. March 19,
woman who live in Valencia


Izumi 3


wear traditional clothes
for Sun Jose fire festival. And same day, Valencia is filled


of music, holding show of bull
fighting, launching fire works. The festival


is special so Valencia
consult on it actively. As a result , The festival is useful for


activation of Valencia. It
is good influence.


 Sun Jose fire festival is special and give
good influence for Valencia. I think


it is important for
country to have a unique event like Sun Jose fire festival.


If countries have theirs
unique event, people who not live in the country are


interested in them and
want to come. Peculiar festivals connect people around


Izumi 4


the world. If they speak
different languages, festival connect them. If they have


different color of skin,
festival connect them. Festival is important for our life


to make special life and
make special friends and connect the world.