I involved in a sport, dance, or anything

I can’t imagine going through some of the struggles that many children are going through daily. Sadly, one of those many challenges that our children of today face is poverty which can severely hurt their ability to learn. These children come from low income families and have an inadequate home life making it harder for them to learn. I don’t know where I would be, education wise, if I wasn’t constantly encouraged by my family the way that I was. Their parents are most likely setting a bad example for them as well, which leads me to believe that they aren’t encouraged to strive in school and set goals for themselves. It breaks my heart to think about how these kids must be feeling right now. Most children are probably wondering when their next meal will be instead of studying for a test, and I believe that is unacceptable for any child to feel that way.  Students in poverty are lacking preparation for school and falling behind unlike others who have learned basic skills already. I think that if kids see that they aren’t as skilled as the others then, that will discourage them because they will feel as though they aren’t good enough and won’t try. Also, kids should come home to a calm and safe place rather than a chaotic and hectic one so that they can focus on their studies. Children who are having to deal with adult problems such as taking care of the house and other adult responsibilities is horrible to me because the precious time that they have to be a kid is being taken away from them. As a child, my mom encouraged me to get involved in a sport, dance, or anything that interested me, but these kids don’t have that same opportunity. It’s so sad to think that a child can’t play his favorite sport or take music lessons because he can’t afford it. All of these obstacles can lead a child to feeling depressed at such an early stage in their life, and I hope that a change can be made in order to help these kids live a happy and educational childhood.