“I nobody ever said that it can’t be

“I regret those times when I have chose the dark side. I’ve wasted enough time not being happy”, said Jessica Lange, an American actress. Every human’s life has different shades of colours, blue, black, pink, red etc..and all these shades form the different phases of one’s life. Most of the people today like a ‘blue-black’ life on the inside and a ‘pink-red’ on the outside, mainly to fit into the society. They say life is black and white but nobody ever said that it can’t be filled with other colours too. Surely a person has different colours of life but there is one colour that defines them on the whole. For some its grey which is often associated with dullness, loss and sadness and for some its pink which illustrates happiness, love, tenderness and vibrance. A person should choose their defining colour carefully as it becomes their reality. Broken and sad people’s life is often in the grey scale mode and they tend to like it that way. Liking darkness is fine but loving it too fondly sabotages a person on the inside. Everybody has had experiences that have changed them in a way that they can never go back to what they were but it is important to let go of things and forgive others at least for one’s own inner peace. When a person is happy on the inside, it shows up on the outside. One should not be ashamed of feeling any emotions even if its  sadness but getting stuck there is something that should be avoided. A lot of people today have become cold, they refuse to feel emotions but this is something that people should not do because the world needs more of caring and loving people. A person has to look beyond all the pain that they’ve been through and become strong. “Happiness is being independent from worldly expectations and which comes by your own actions.. Your happiness will not come to you , it will come from you”, said Tanisha Yadav, a doctor. A person should do things that will help them be themselves again as when a person is in their true and real form they do things that they love and that attracts happiness. Some people believe that they’ll be happy by being in a relationship. People should stop looking for happiness in other people because that’s the worst thing that they do to themselves. It is necessary to find joy in the smallest of things. A new haircut, sound of typewriter keys, learning new words, sun kissed pictures, warm hugs, photo booths, Magic Pop candy, big old trees, beginnings, art galleries, polaroids, mustard coloured sweater, ginger tea, wooden floors, empty pages of new notebook, letters in mails and so many other petty things that go unnoticed but yet make us feel good and are close to us. Surely there are chaos in people’s lives but once a person accepts the reality it becomes a lot more easier to deal with it. The little things in life are actually the biggest. This journey from grey to pink takes time and efforts but it’s the most astonishing one and everyone must take this scenic route.