I business. I also enjoy listening to music

 I took the opportunity to expand & develop my skills within the business industry by obtaining2    a week’s work experience at Telford Ski Centre, where I handled inward & outward communication3    for the company, promoted health & safety & handled customer’s requests. The company4    emphasised the importance of communication, public image, & advertising. My desire to study5    Business & Management strengthened because of my enjoyment & success in my work experience.6    Through studying Public Services at level 3 I have gained the ability understand & sympathise7    with people I meet, maintain an informed & active position in the world today & appreciate &8    understand people’s actions. I feel the three most important points I have learned so far from9    my work experience, is first the ability to understand what drives a business, & the processes10    needed to help resolve any barriers to continued growth & profitability. Secondly, being able11    to look beyond the numbers to the business trends & drivers, & thirdly being able to work to12    deadlines & handle pressure well.13    I believe an important trait of a business person is the ability to be able to deal with many14    challenges. I played outside of school for my club rugby team, whilst playing for the hockey &15    football teams for the school. This participation has strengthened my abilities to lead &16    communicate within a team. To play in a team needs dedication, time management & teamwork.17    From these roles, I have learned the importance of trust & dependability which are essential18    for success in business. I also enjoy listening to music & watching films- which are both19    activities that allow me opportunities for both relaxation & for socialising with friends.20    During the summer of 2014, I partook in the NCS programme, where I spent a week away with a21    group & joined in the team & individual strength-building activities such as canoeing, rock22    climbing & orienteering. After this, I spent an additional week with the team working with23    Cancer Research, to raise money for the charity and awareness in my local community.24    Since July 2017, I have worked at The Talbot Inn, taking responsibility for the security of25    the pub & customers; promote health & safety; managed the internal & external business26    transactions & worked as a waiter in the pub also. Throughout this, I have been able to27    maintain a good relationship with other staff & with the customers, developing my28    communication skills whilst serving during intense & busy shifts & multitasking successfully.29    As a result, I am a forward-thinking individual with drive, ambition, & ability- traits that30    are vital for effective business management & impressive academic performance. I possess31    strong team-working skills, can work individually or as part of a group, & have excellent32    organisational skills that I have gained through my academic & work experience. I consider my33    key strengths to be making analytical judgements, people & time management, making decisions,34    assessing business situations & identifying important points. I have excellent interpersonal35    skills which allow me to relay business information clearly to my target audience, & can36    prepare well thought out, crisp presentations for both individuals or groups.37    It has been these past experiences which have shaped me as a person and inspired me to pursue38    a career in Business Management. Therefore, I am truly excited & looking forward to furthering39    my knowledge in this field. The degree will act as a foundation for future success in the40    fast-moving & powerful world of business. I am eager to meet new people, explore a new41    environment & above all immerse myself in the study of business.42    I have only recently ventured into the world of business & I am passionate eager to learn43    more. In the future, I plan to start my own business & a business based degree will aid me. I44    see myself as a very capable & enthusiastic person who will grasp this challenge with both45    hands to further my potential.