I VIJAYASIMHA REDDY SANEPALLI for graduate studies in

I am quite pleased to recommend my student VIJAYASIMHA REDDY SANEPALLI for
graduate studies in your university. I have known him for the past three years.
During this period, I have taught him “Cryptography
and Network Security ” and “Formal
Languages and Automata Theory”. As a professor and head of the department,
I have come across many students and only a few were outstanding among all. Mr.
VIJAYASIMHA is one of the outstanding students with unique perspective.


       He is a
remarkable, young man with, exceptional talent. An enthusiastic and keen student in
grasping anything new in his field, He has been regularly keeping himself
update about latest developments in his field. He actively participated in the
seminars conducted by computer science department and our college. He
extensively use college and department library. He had done a good android application for Sarvagnya
Techfest a three day National Level Technical Symposium organized by the
Department of Computer Science and engineering. He had done a certification on Google Android Developer Fundamentals
conducted by Andhra Pradesh Skill Development center.

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       His academia
was proven when he stood among top 10 in the ‘Hackathon contest’ on computer principles such as C, C++, Java, OS,
Problem-solving techniques conducted by Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Center.
He had an upper hand on coding and
during the practical sessions he used to do all the programs and assignments
given to him in the lab with utmost efficiency. He has good leadership
qualities and was the student
coordinator of our computer science department and student innovation center.
He is also actively involved in cultural, literacy and sporting events of our
college. He is quite capable of undertaking research projects and I am sure
that he can perform at his best as a member of a team.


       With all his
strengths and achievements I feel that he will excel in research in his future endeavors.
In my opinion, a student of his qualities deserves admission into your esteemed
university and is well worthy of financial aid.