I always been my first and foremost priority

I am Sahaam Mehmood S/O Mehmood Tariq. I belong to a village Chak no 327 GB of province Punjab and district TTSingh. I have completed my matriculation with 82% marks and intermediate with 72% marks.Becoming an engineer has always been my first and foremost priority as it will enrich my knowledge and intelligence and will help me in my prospective career. An engineer has a creative mind and he knows how to work his way out of difficulties. I am a creative person and I try to think outside of the box. Time and effort if put together definitely lead to success. I still remember the day when I secured good marks in secondary school certificate. These marks admitted me to a good college. At my college time my dream of becoming an engineer got more visualized and keeping this hope in mind gave me good marks in intermediate exams. But I couldn’t get keep on with my dream of becoming an engineer because of lack of opportunities. This is a disadvantage I faced being a resident of a village. But I think if given the opportunity I will put forward all my efforts to ensure my success. I know I can make my skills worth. Secondly, i couldn’t get admission due to financial problems. It is difficult here in Pakistan to get admission in a good university without a better sum of money for fee payments. But all these factors haven’t set me back from my goal and losing hope in myself. I am fully motivated and positive. I am trying to avail every chance I get and give my 100% to it and to achieve my goal. Bachelor’s from your university will not only impart a sound education in latest technologies but will also push me ahead in the computing world. learning it from your university gives me options, options are opportunities and I am an absolute opportunist. I consider bachelors in engineering from your university to be best more I can do for my career. My intentions, my dreams, my goals are clear, I look forward to becoming a successful engineer and I am sure a good education,  infrastructure, and opportunities that come in my way, will help me in achieving my goals. I am eager to learn, active participation and intensive focus. I am passionate about learning. The desire to learn skills that are useful to other and myself drives me and motivates me. I have always tried my best to achieve optimized and unconventional solutions in order to build a rising success. I always participate actively and always try to share my opinions. I can also focus intensively on one task for a long time period. I remain focused and attentive, that is an asset both to me and those I work with. I would very much like to spend my four years at your university,  this would give me a chance to deepen my knowledge about engineering in the inspiring, creative and cosmopolite environment of your university. Thank you for considering my request, I look forward to your positive feedback.