I For example we will bring back our

I am going to analyse president’s Donald trump’s
inaugural address. The president has started his address with ‘we the
citizens’. This signifies that even though he has become the president but he
considers himself among the citizens and not a superior authority and will be
ready to help the country in difficult situations. The words we will and
together have been used often in the text which symbolizes the whole country
and not just a single power. By using ‘we’ and ‘together’ the president has set
a patriotic tone and used a good diction which invokes patriotism in the

The audience being addressed here are his fellow citizens
who have elected him to lead the country. The purpose of the speech is to
narrate the people his strategies to for the benefit of the country. The
president has to appeal the audience through logos, pathos and ethos. Appealing
people through these concepts will convince the audience about his plans. The
tone in his addressed is neutral. Such tone is unbiased has an objective. The
president has used many stylistic devices in his speech such as alliteration,
irony, paradox, and etcetera. Usage of such devices improves the quality of the
speech. The above speech has a demonstrative structure.

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The president has used paradox in the speech where he
states ‘their victories have not been your victories. The statement does
contradict itself but it is a true fact stated by the authority. Trump wants a
change in the system. As a political leader he is a good orator. A good orator
expresses himself in a speech like trump did. The president is stating his
humungous goals which he wants to achieve in his term of presidency. He is
trying to convey that the task will not be easy but Trump says ‘we together
will confront hardships’. This symbolizes his dedication towards the country.

He has used immense parallelism and repetition in in
speech. For example we will bring back our jobs; we will bring back our
borders. Continuous usage of ‘we will’ generates a feeling patriotism in

The overall structure of the speech is demonstrative. He
is expressing his duties towards his country. Trump has repeated same goals
throughout the text is a round about way. The above technique is called

Trump is has many techniques to persuade the audience
which are his fellow countrymen.