I woman with her 2-year-old looking baby

I have
volunteered in numerous organizations especially in Korea and some in Canada,
however, volunteering in Mission Possible was one of the most eye-opening and
heart-warming experiences I have ever had.

This is probably
because Mission Possible is exactly how I want my future working environment to
look like after I get a career as a pharmacist. It always had been my long-time
dream to make positive contributions to society no matter how small, by serving
as a practical connection between people in vulnerable, neglected class of
society and the needs for basic medications. This is eventually to make sure
these people also deserve easier access to basic health care in the manner
afforded to other groups of people.

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volunteering, I truly enjoyed serving foods and drinks to people rather than
working in the kitchen, because that way, I could fully interact, open up their
hearts to become good friends with them. I still remember how some people asked
me about which medications they needed to take for sore arthritic knees, for a
moldy looking skin at the back of one’s ear, after I introduced myself as a
senior student studying pharmacology in McGill University. There was one woman
with her 2-year-old looking baby in a stroller who told me she had been sick
for 4 days after taking Tylenol, then drinking alcohol. I have warned her not
to repeat that ever again, since that may severely damage your liver and
negatively affect the health of your baby, especially if you are still
continuing breastfeeding. Being aware that seeing a physician or a pharmacist
is a huge financial burden for them, it seemed like these people had fewer to
almost no chances to meet their basic health care needs or basic health
knowledge, even when some symptoms can be relieved or treated within a few days
with simple medications. Watching this, my dream has become even more clear;
Becoming an easily-accessible pharmacist who takes myself one step closer to
these people.