I encounter taught me that so can

I am beginning to understand that my body is an hourglass measuring the amount of time I have left before my health runs out however I am learning that I can influence the timer. I have the power to determine my body’s future.I was thinking about this idea when I was on my Grade 11 encounter. I felt like the people around me were existing in bubbles, blind to the reality that they were simply worshiping and destroying the same thing. They were so convinced that their body lives to serve as a royal guard that protects their inner spiritual realm however their kingdom was built on processed foods with a monarch comprised of sugars and saturated fats leading me to believe no one has ever told them you only get one kingdom to rule. One body to perform a grand voyage through life with and while I watched the people around me eating during meal times I remembered someone once told me one week without food or water can kill you but encounter taught me that so can ignorance. So when prayers were being recited before and after meals I hoped they were also praying for a future without heart disease and diabetes.As much as this experience was hard for me to digest I came back with a newly found inspiration and motivated to delve into a new journey- a physical one, however certainly not the orthodox kind.All around me I was seeing the dysfunctional way people treated their bodies. Even back home I watched family member’s bad eating habits lead them on a path towards multiple health complications and I was determined to allow all this negativity around me to fuel my desire to find my own path. One that took me to a side were the grass (and smoothies) were greener.So I jumped into a portal to visit a place where food existed as a substance to nourish the body, not as a bridge to obesity and illness. I wanted to connect to food in a way that did not only feed my body but my mind. A motto based on ‘whole foods for a whole mindset’ I felt like removing the sugars and cholesterol symbolized me cutting out the process from my life. Through this journey I learned food can be used as a tool for something else: control.Living in a world that oozes instability. You never know when an enemy is going to come and destroy the empire you have worked so hard to build and I for one have always latched onto things that give me control over this seemingly turbulent life. Food was becoming the perfect way for me to fulfill my autocratic needs and be able to decide what I put into my body- what keeps my kingdom alive.I was also beginning to discover a whole new world. One where I could spend my weekends going to cruelty free vegan cafés were food was the product of plants not sacrifice and milk was made from almonds- which may seem a bit nutty but it was utterly satisfying for my taste buds. I felt liberated to be part of something were people cared about what they put into their bodies and their effect on the environment.I was captivated by this alternative lifestyle where I could devote myself to a holistic and healthy life and while I watched myself lose weight it was as if I was removing all the toxins from my life, like there was no more space in my body for it anymore.For me looking and feeling different was a way, like my food to start fresh with an extended expiry date.I had an opportunity to allow my body to no longer be a weight holding me down and I could utilize my new burst of energy to focus on something that was positively affecting me and my confidence. My new lifestyle was proving not to be a recipe for disaster and looking back now I am realizing my food isn’t the only thing that has changed.