I made to protect children and by doing

I agree with this statement, I would say this because I do think the were successful, due to the fact it was their job to change and fix america’s problems.          The biggest thing that the progressives did very good on  child labor & working conditions I’m saying this because now when you look at how it is now it changed everything, children don’t get underpaid if they choose to work at 14 and they can not work for as long as adults, also the working conditions changed to due to if you don’t change them to fit city/ state law your business gets shut down but it is much cleaner now and not as dangerous.          child labor was horrible in this time period because back then many companies would have children working because they knew they could get away with paying them less, and they liked doing that due to that fact they get to keep more money, but they also had children stick limbs into machinery if it was clogged because they were smaller and able to do it better than adults, that was when bad working conditions came in because the machinery was horrible, how dirty, rusty, and old it was, so this would often cause children to lose arms, legs, and fingers so they could keep working and doing so if they would get to hurt, and not be able to work for a week, or do the specific job anymore they would get fired and left to rot.          The progressives did good on changing these things because now children get to go to school and have an education for themselves.When you look at things now you don’t see kids that are 13 or younger working and not enjoying their life just because companies wanted them to go and work so they could pay them less but instead now children between 14 & 16 can still work but they have restrictions for them because of child labor laws which one of the laws were FLSA that the progressives made to protect children and by doing this the kids work less hours and but still make the same amount of money as the adults do so that companies aren’t underpaying them to make more money.Working conditions have also changed because of the progressives, such as if a business does not clean or have updated machinery they may lose their business which is why the progressives did good, because if machinery was not updated, or cleaned on a regular basis there would probably still be people losing limbs.          The progressives were very good at what they did and if it was not for them then the world now would still be corrupted and messed up because of big businesses getting greedy and selfish just so they could make more money of children and not buying new machinery.