I. and humankind moves to better products

I. What are Split-Type Air ConditionersSplit type air conditioners are the most commonly available and used type of air conditioners. The conditioner consists of the external unit and the internal unit. The external unit is mostly fixed outside on the walls of the place that is to be cooled. The two units are connected by electrical cables and a drain pipe. The conditioners can be single or multi split conditioners.II. Problems the product will solve? Additional problems if you don’t buy the product? The split-type air conditioner manages to keep rooms cool at a lower cost as compared to other types.It also increases efficiency due to the cold unit and warm unit being separate. It also saves space as there is a unit which is installed outside.The split air conditioner also minimizes noise produced. III. Benefits / Importance of buying Split air conditioners reduces the household energy utility bills. Due to its high efficiency, it does not lose a lot of energy as it does not have the duct system.It is easy to install as you only need a stable place to rest the outdoor and indoor units and then drilling the holes through the walls to connect the two units.It is also very quiet. This is due to the fan and condenser which cause noise are in the outdoor unit.The split air conditioners an be installed in rooms with no windows. IV. Why should you buy NOW and not tomorrow?As technology evolves and humankind moves to better products in life, this is one of the best and innovative product in the market. It cares about the climate and global warming as it uses HFC refrigerant that are not harmful to the environment and the ozone layer.Also the air conditioners are commonly used in the summer. This being the winter season, their prices are a bit lower than normally.  Most split air conditioners come with remote control as well the wall mounted thermostat. this makes it easy and convenient to control room temperature.V. Price Range With all these great features the split air conditioners do not come cheap. They cost more in the initial purchase but in the long run, the cost of running them is cheaper than any other air conditioners.The price is dependent on a number of factors including brand, BTU rating,coverage area and if it is a single or  a multi split air conditioner.The price range is normally between 500 and 4000 dollars.