I science engineers, I also feel a

I was around 6 years old when one day my father showed me
something which was a revelation for me. I first laid my hands on a computer on
that day and typed in a command and it has been a fascination ever since. 
After that very first encounter, I have been enamoured with computer and their

These days the computers and the internet dominate every part of
our lives. This 21st century engineering phenomenon plays a more vital role in
our lives than ever before. As I observe numerous devices that were designed
and built by computer science engineers, I also feel a desire to be a part of
this prolific community of creative people who design these systems.

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From my very first computer to the smart phones and tablets
today, I have been equally fascinated about computer programming language and
different electronic gadgets. Which made my pursue my bachelors  in Computer Science.


I am always curious about everything and taking courses simply
cannot satisfy my curiosity. Thus,

during my graduation years, I seized every opportunity to explore
further knowledge. I served as technical assistant research and technology development centre of my college,
where I learned about the enterprise application development; The a research
lab led by Prof. S.K. Gupta and did research on smart devices which can be
implemented in the education sector leading to develop android based tablet by
partnering with several OEM manufactures from China. However, being familiar
with all the services desired and what we can offer, it is intuitive for me to


The intuition led me to learn about the how companies are
applying numerous complex machine-learning methods and disciplines, such
as online machine learning, transfer learning,  deep
learning, artificial neural networks and reinforcement learning. The
latter mimics the way the human brain learns through experience. Simply put,
the computer “learns” to recognise patterns in data that lead to right and
wrong answers through an iterative process, similar to the way a child learns
by trial-and-error to throw a ball. This technology depends on the creation of
software algorithms that enable computers to reach correct
conclusions by being fed huge numbers of examples, building up a base of
“experiences” that can be applied to recognise patterns and solve problems in
new situations. But I thought are these services enough?


I started to ask the experiences of customers in India who use
similar interfaces which are backed by complex machine learning about companies
implementing AI powered gift selection, AI powered product selector, AI powered
stock management more over AI powered consumer insights for understanding
things like social profiles, movement, weather, and behaviour, AI can help
marketers understand at a more granular level what consumers want and need.


I started to think its implementations and thought of AI in
journalism and that when I started my own project called Calends. A service
that can timeline and can create a tree of events to systematically show the
chain of events with proper facts using data mining and machine learning over
public information to counter biased perceptions and counter fake news which is
a big problem in current times.


An academic mentor told me that the motivations of computer
science students comprise a broad spectrum. There are those who love
theoretical computer science, and those who romance the code. Then there are
those who see the study of computer science as a way to learn how to formalise
and implement solutions to a wide variety of problems outside of the field. I
place myself firmly on this end of the spectrum. Formal theory may form a
necessary foundation for my work and provide valuable insights and intuitions
about how to go about solving a problem, but my passion lies in solving
problems to explore my curiosity about the nature of the mind and the limits of
artificial intelligence.


My time in AtoS as my first professional job with a project in
telecom sector and working as software engineer in middleware technology and
responsibilities of an acting service delivery manager, I was deeply involved
in system design and automation of several processes. I started to analyse
every single Data flow to solve and simplify the processes to increate the
system performance but there are many issues that were not fully explored like
modelling of multi-modal human perception due to size of the teams, different
timezones and model of human perception yielded by external stimuli from
multiple feedback system which were bound to produce delays. The experience
gave me a good insight to middleware interfaces towards several CRM’s and
backend services and made my more interested for a self learning system. The
modelling work is made even more difficult with the complicated conversational
patterns. I would like to approach these problems from objective perspective,
since objective metrics can capture subconscious reactions and keep the model


Upon my acceptance to the computer science master’s program, I
would like to further my general education while pursuing my passion in the
study and creation of intelligent systems. The Learning Agents research group
is of particular interest, as I think that effective learning is a key part of
human-like intelligence. I would also be excited to participate in the Neural
Network research group, since bottom-up AI techniques like neural networks are
so analogous to the human brain, and may someday aid in explaining how brain
becomes mind.


My education and curiosity so far has given me a good foundation
in the field of data science and machine learning. However, I don’t suspect
such thoroughly researched and documented techniques as I’ve studied so far
will continue to amaze me indefinitely. I wish to continue my studies that I
can develop the new techniques that may lead to a better understanding of
intelligence and the human mind and help me implementing and improving my