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Hungary is one of the European countries against settlement of refugees in their country.The majority of Europeans believe the influx of refugees across the continent has led to anincrease in the likelihood of terrorism. Mr Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, has calledmigration “a Trojan horse for terrorism.” He also called Asylum seekers and refugees”intruders,” and “potential terrorists,” all bent on destroying Western civilization, buryingChristianity and the Western culture. The Prime Minister himself in July referred tomigration as “poison.” The policies of Hungary clearly show their trend against thesettlement of refugees in their country. The Prime Minister says “For us, Europe is aChristian continent, and this is how we want to keep it. Even though we may not be able tokeep all of it Christian, at least we can do so for the segment that God has entrusted to theHungarian people,”Mr Orban argued that Hungary’s stability under his seven-year rule placed the country in aposition to speak up for persecuted Christians.This situation in Hungary has shown that hasty legal and practical measures—which havefailed to provide protection but turn refugees away, and which are coupled with very strongrhetoric by political decision makers that question the fundamentals of asylum—will boostxenophobia and racism in the entire population.Recently, Gyorgy Schopflin, a ruling party member with a seat in the European Parliament,suggested on Twitter that pigs’ heads should be placed on the border fence with Serbia todeter Muslim refugees from entering Hungary.Laszlo Toroczkai, who is the mayor of Asotthalom, a village on the Hungary-Serbian border,proudly posts pictures on his Facebook page showing images of asylum seekers andmigrants lying face down on the ground with hands zip locked on their backs, captioningpictures “Hungary vs Intruders” and then a score.A nationwide, government-financed billboard campaign began in July with messagesincluding, “Did you know that since the beginning of the immigration crisis more than 300people died as a result of terror attacks in Europe?” and, “Did you know that Brussels wantsto settle a whole city’s worth of illegal immigrants in Hungary?” and “Did you know thatsince the beginning of the immigration crisis the harassment of women has risen sharply inEurope?”Critics say Hungary’s refugee policy makes a mockery of Christian teaching.”I am not competent to define or expound Christianity. But a faith which follows a man whostarted his life fleeing from persecution and growing up as a refugee in Egypt does notprovide a strong ideological footing for building fences which keep refugees at bay.” SaidAmnesty International’s secretary general Salil Shetty.Hungarian civil society initiatives and alternative media are doing their best to counter thehate. The Two Tailed Dog Party, a group that has registered as a political party to spread itsviews through satire, opened a counter-campaign mimicking the government campaign with