Human first and foremost practice that the

Human resource (HR) manager nowdaya becomes very important whether it is a small organisation comprising of 100 employees or big organisation comprising of 1000 employees,HR department must be there as it handles the matters related to the employees of the company such as recruiting of the employees and training of the employees ( both old and new employees). It also help the management with long term strategies for growth and development of a company.The practices the HR managers and departments do today are:- ? RECRUITMENT:The first and foremost practice that the manager do is the recruitment process. It is the responsibility of the manager to recruit suitable candidates for a required job description because if wrong candidate is selected it will waste lot of resources, time of the company and profits will also get affected.? ORIENTATION:Basically HR places advertisement for new employees or may take references from the employees in the company. The delay then check reference ( advertisement), then background checks and finally they conduct first interviews with applicants, coordinating follow up interviews with other company departments. Finally the selected candidate have the orientation in which they are being made familiar with policies, procedures, benefits and other important information regarding the company. The HR personnel also introduce the new employees to their colleagues and assign them a mentor.? TRAINING: The HR manager does not get over with the selection of a right candidate but training the employee is also important to help the employee get familiar with the organisation work pattern. The HR departments conduct in the job training program or out the job training as per the organisation required. ? APPRAISAL: Some companies offer new employees the employee contracts which are mainly drafted by HR staff. In many small organisations HR manager keep a record of employee stuff like creating policies on flexible work hours, when employee are promoted or transferred. HR managers make sure that compensation remains competitive as they keep in mind employee benefit such as health insurance, retirement plans etc.The HR department help management with pay structures within the company as top management is loaded with work and is mainly engaged in making policies for the company.? DEVELOPMENT: After training, HR manager make sure that the personal development of the employee is done. The manager get to know the employees area of interest and according they set the opportunities because according to the area of interest the employee will be more productive.  ? EMPLOYEE RELATIONS AND PERFORMANCE:HR manager play a role in employee performance reviews, handle employee complaints, help resolve disputes and keep check on employee monitoring programs. It may help employees with counseling and with their personal issues.? RESOLVING CONFLICTS:The organisation works with diverse workforce as employees come from different background, culture and follow different traditions, there may be case we’re disputes may arise between the employees so HR manager has the right to intervene and find the solution for dispute.? REWARDS AND INCENTIVES:Through rewards the employees gets motivated and try to excel in tasks which lead the employees to get more rewards it can be promotion also in some cases. The reward system creates a competitive environment as it helps in achieving targets and meet deadlines. Rewards can be in form of internal or external rewards.? LEGAL KNOWLEDGE:The HR manager should always be in compliance with the law. The HR manager should keep the organisation’s practicing in connect with labour laws, minimum working hours, minimum wages etc.? TECHNOLOGY:The HR manager should be updated with the technology which helps them to recruit right candidate and also with the techniques which are used for interview purpose( MBIT TEST).? CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK:The HR manager should take the continuous feedback as it will help the organisation know if any employee is dis satisfy with the company. It will also help to know if employees job expectations is matched or not.? WORK CULTURE:John Version, the founder of HR research and advisory organisation,wrote in Forbes that companies now realise they must compete for best workers not only based on their professional and economic success but on their company culture.So it is the duty of the HR to maintain a healthy, safe and work environment were the employees are free to communicate with each other and can discuss their ideas with each other. HR managers must make sure that employee feel comfortable with the work space so that individual performance also goes up as well it does not affect the productivity of the organisation.