Speech technicians and tech support to reuse and

Speech recognition is a program that hears the sound of your voice by using a microphone attached to the computer and is then turn into digital information Right now the technology of speech recognition is not popular to e-commerce businesses, but in years to come, it would be very important because it would be much easier to use you voice then typing on the keyboard. This technology would give advantage to the people with disabilities who can’t type things on the keyboard. This would give your e-commerce business a lot of customers and disability people can finally buy some things off the Internet.

The strategies to take advantage of this technology are: There isn’t many e-commerce businesses using this technology More users will come because disable people have an opportunity to buy online. The technology for operating a support system or “help desk” online has become mainstream and is currently being used in many large e-commerce solutions, such as Amazon.com. The following number of commercially available helpdesk products have all been proven to work and provide excellent advantages in serving consumers, and also contribute to saving time, money and resources.

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The main advantage that Human Click would provides to Edge Music is immediate and experienced help. If a consumer needed help on a selection for a certain event (birthday, anniversary etc..) he would easily be able to click on a button a request a live discussion. Firstly, Human Click works on a direct person-to-person basis, with software installed on the business side, which is then linked to the website. The business can see people on the website, and can either initiate a discussion (to advise on a purchase, or advertise specials), or the consumer his/herself can request the discussion. Human Click then allows a fast, personal and cost effective helpdesk solution (http://www.humanclick.com/).

Automated Email Help Services

Automated Email Services provide quick and easy solutions to frequently asked questions, by finding keywords in the email, and responding instantly with a pre-written answer to the question. Or, using the same system, routing the email so it can be noted and divided to allow faster replies and more specific and personalized answers. The business solutions company “Front Range Solutions” has developed a solution known as Heat, which allows the above system, and more, also providing a database for previously answered responses for technicians and tech support to reuse and analyze. Solutions like Heat speed up the usually long and drawn out process of sorting through customer email, plus improving response times and saving man hours for other more important tasks.

Generally helpdesk technology for Edge Music is advanced and personalized. Rather then spending money on what might be a long distance phone call or an email which may take up to 2 weeks to answer, personalized services allow a quicker and easier way for customers to complete decisions to make purchases.


In conclusion, Edge Music future looks to be successful if these ideas and technologies are implemented into the website. It is important to know what the technologies can do to your website so it would impress the customers, and receiving profit from them is the most important part of becoming a successful e-commerce business.