I intriguing yet attractive figures. Because of that,

I chose Jake and Dinos Chapman as the artists that I would focus on because of their “weird” or somewhat unconventional themes in their art works. I prefer being different than going along what’s conventional because it expresses more of the artists’ self. For me, their works are able to reflect them as artists, as well as the society they live in. I noticed that their works are able to mirror some of the relevant issues of the world today, including war and sex, as well as pornography and the ambiguity that lies in human body.

For me, their works are equally attractive and intriguing. One research method that they used when it comes to their art is observation. When these artists deal with relevant, up-to-date societal issues, they have to be keen observers of what is going on in their society. The Chapman brothers have a nose for news and intrigue, as they were able to incorporate socially relevant concepts in their pieces, like sex, pornography, and even the people’s love for fast food. Another is that they also used historical information to as much as possible depict accurate information in their art.

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This includes the scenes which they conceptualized in works that showed historical figures like the Nazis, the war prisoners, and many more. Looking at all their pieces, Jake and Dinos Chapman can be considered as great contemporary artists. They were able to capture reality in their art works, as well as mirror the society they are living in with their intriguing yet attractive figures. Because of that, they’re able to show that art can be a mirror of the society, and is the tool used by artists to give their message to the people.

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