suggested minimum age to smoke is 18, Dobrow #4 Current Events Science Article 9/18-9/20 I read the article “Concerns explode over new health risks of Vaping” by Lindsey Konkel, and it is mainly about how a University of Rochester toxicologist named Irfan Rahman is concerned that teenagers are getting all these terrible health problems due to vaping. Vaping is the new smoking, and it is very bad for you. There is a difference between the two. Cigarette smoking has tobacco in it, while vaping doesn’t. Vaping uses a pipe. They are vaping electric fumes, which is why people as low as 12 are vaping, because they think that it is good for your health. Well, they’re completely wrong. The suggested minimum age to smoke is 18, but there isn’t a suggested minimum age to vape. There is a legal limit to vape, but some people are illegally vaping. Vaping can cause mouth inflammation, which can lead to gum disease, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Irfan talked to teenagers and young adults who vaped, some of them said that they had bleeding mouths and their throats were very sore. So, if you ever want to vape, always think of the consequences before vaping. The author states, “Vaping liquids can come in many pleasing flavors, which can make e-cigarettes more appealing to kids and teens, scientists warn.” (Konkel). Another problem is “Smoker’s Cough”, now known as “Vaper’s Cough”,which can lead to prolonged bronchitis, which can permanently damage your lungs.This relates to science because it can impact your health. It can also lead to addictive tendencies, just like nicotine in the smoking cigs. The e-cigs make it so that younger kids get addicted to the flavor, which can lead to a long-term addiction, which is bad for them. The flavors would end up enticing the younger kids to get them addicted at an earlier age. The people who are vaping don’t realize it, but they are hindering themselves instead of helping themselves. They were very eager to start using e-cigs, thinking that it wouldn’t affect their health, but they were wrong. Still, people do it even when they know that it is bad for them. Even though we have tried countless times, we still cannot stop their addictions. Addictions can lead to dependency on that item or person, and when that person dies or that thing gets trashed, you don’t have that crutch to lean on. This article was Life Science.