With using ASP. NET AJAX 1. 0),

With this development system, software developers gain from an integrated product experience that spans tools, servers, and services. Visual Studio products work well together with other Microsoft software, such as Microsoft server products and the Microsoft Office system. Visual Studio offers a comprehensive choice of tools for all phases of software development, testing, deployment, integration, and management. Every kind of software developer, from novice to skilled professional, can use the Visual Studio because it is engineered to support the development across all types of devices such as PCs, servers, the Web, and mobile devices.

Visual Studio is the most reliable tool that is engineered and tested to be always dependable, secure, interoperable, and compatible. Visual Studio offers an unparalleled combination of security features, scalability, and interoperability. Although Visual Studio always incorporates forward- thinking features, it is designed to ensure backward-compatibility everywhere possible. Being a set of technology capabilities, core products, and best practice guidance, the Microsoft Application Platform (MAP) focuses on aiding IT and development business partners to maximize opportunity.

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As one of its core products, Visual Studio has always and continues to help spearhead for the right customer links, business efficiencies, and value-added services through provision of a fully integrated and single development environment for all types of advances, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Web, and mobile applications. VS 2008 Multi-Targeting Support. VS 2008 facilitates building applications that aims for various forms of the . NET framework. Thus, VS 2008 can be used to open, edit and build existing .

NET 2. 0 and ASP. NET 2. 0 applications (including ASP. NET 2. 0 applications using ASP. NET AJAX 1. 0), and deploy, continually, these applications on machines running in . NET 2. 0. ASP. NET. Being a web application framework, ASP. NET has been marketed by Microsoft that developers can use in building up dynamic sites, applications and services in the web. Being developed on the Common Language Runtime thus allowing developers to create ASP. NET code with any Microsoft . NET language, it is a part of Microsoft’s .

NET platform and is the descendant to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. The following clearly defines and states what ASP. NET is of what crucial part it plays in recent Windows-run system: The third layer of the . Net framework is ASP. NET and Windows Forms. ASP. NET should not be viewed as the next version of Active Server Pages after ASP 3. 0, but as a dramatically new shift in Web application development. Using ASP. NET, it’s now possible to build robust Web applications that are even more functional than Win32 applications of the past.

This was always quite difficult to do in the stateless nature of the Internet, but ASP. NET offers a number of different solutions to overcome the traditional limitations on the types of applications that were possible. The ASP. NET section of the . NET Framework is also where the XML Web services model resides. 4 ASPX is an html file format used to develop Web-form pages. An HTML or XHTML mark-up is usually contained in this file classifying Web User Controls as well as Web Controls. Developers can position essential static and dynamic content for such web page being created.

Suggested by Microsoft for dealing with dynamic program code, ASPX is to use the code-behind model, which places this code in a distinct file or in a specifically designated script tag. Code behind these files are typically named something to the effect of MyPage. aspx. cs or MyPage. aspx. vb based on the ASPX file name (this practice is automatic in Microsoft Visual Studio and other IDEs). By means of this style of programming, the developer writes code to respond to several events, like the page being loaded, or a control being clicked, rather than a procedural walk through the document.

10 Also known as ASP. NET Web Applications, ASPX are managed code applications having a tendency to be built as a thin client. For instance in this project, a browser wants to know the cross language translational meaning of an English word to Lithuanian language, in this case the server platform performs the translation processing, application navigation, and generates the user friendly way of accession. On this situation, majority of the processing is done on the server platform. And most importantly, applications are further scrutinized for scalability issues.