How ways to reduce your weight which will:

to Effectively Burn Fats and Lose Weight?

are a variety of ways to lose the weight fast, but most of them will
make you hungry as well as unsatisfied. In reality, if you don’t
have a very strong will power, then hunger will cause you to leave
these plans very quickly.

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key is to have a weight loss plan, which does not require to be
hungry for a long period of time as well as does not require heavy
exercises and workouts.
this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to reduce your
weight which will:

Reduce the appetite you have considerably

Will make you lose weight and that too without hunger

Along with reducing weight it will improve your
metabolic health

above mentioned advantages will lead you to easily follow the plan
mentioned in this article. Some of the ways to reduce the weight and
fats with the above mentioned advantages are:

1) Reduce the consumption of
Sugars as well as Starches

The most important part in reducing the weight is to cut
back or reduce the consumption of starches and sugars. These are
foods which stimulate the secretion of insulin to a greater extent.
Insulin is considered as the main fat storage hormone present in the
body. When the quantity of insulin in the body goes down, the fat
will come out of the fat stores and the body will start burning the
present fats instead of the carbohydrates.

The other advantage of lowering the insulin level in the
body is that the kidneys shed excess water and sodium from the body,
which decreases bloat as well as useless water weight.

One can easily lose up to 10 pounds, if one follows the
eating habit mentioned above. This will reduce both the body fat as
well as water weight.

Thus, to summarize, removing the sugars as well as
starches will reduce the insulin level of the body, will kill the
appetite and will make you lose weight without facing hunger.

2) Eat Protein, fat as well as
ideal meal should include each of a protein source, a fat source as
well as low carbohydrate vegetables. Adjusting one’s meal in this
way will automatically bring down the Carb intake to the ideal range
of 20-50 g per day.
of the major protein sources are:

Meat including Beef, lamb, pork and bacon

Seafood and fish: Trout, Salmon, Shrimp and lobsters

Eggs: Pastured Eggs or Omega-3 eggs are the best

It is imperative to have sufficient protein content in
the diet. The increase in the protein will boost the metabolism by
80-100 calories per day.
is also a fact that high protein diets are able to decrease the
obsessive thoughts about the food by 50-60 % and also reduce the
desire of late night snacking. It will make you take less calories
per day by adding sufficient protein to one’s diet.
Carb Vegetables:
of the low carb vegetables, in which there is a lower content of the
carbohydrates are Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts,
Kale, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Cucumber, Celery and Lettuce.
should try to load one’s plate with these low carb vegetables. One
can eat a massive amount of these, without taking much carbohydrate.
A diet based on both meats as well as vegetables will contain all the
fiber, minerals and vitamin to keep you healthy.
of the available fat sources are Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil,
Butter, Tallow. It should be stressed here that one should not be
afraid of eating fat. Having a recipe of low fat and low carb is a
recipe for failure. It will lead you to feel miserable and will make
you leave the plan..
of the best cooking fats is coconut oil. It is rich in medium-chain
triglycerides (MCTs), a kind of fat. These types of fats are better
than other fat forms and can help in boosting the metabolism. There
is no need to be afraid of these natural fats. Recent studies have
shown that saturated fat does not raise your risk of heart disease at
summarize, one needs to include each of protein sources, fat source
and low Carb vegetables in the diet. This will help in reducing the
level of insulin in your body.

3) Lift the weights at least 3 times per week
is no need to exercise when you are following the above plan, but it
is always recommended. The best way is to go to a nearby gym at least
3-4 times a week. Do some warm up, lift the weights and then do some

lifting some weights, it will help in burning some calories and will
prevent the metabolism to slow down. Based on the recent studies the
low carb diets can help you to gain some muscle while losing ample of
fat from the body.
you are not comfortable with lifting the weights, then you can do
some easier workouts like running, swimming, jogging or walking.
summarize, it is best to do some light exercise or weight lifting
while taking the low carb diets. This will accelerate the effect of
this plan and will help you to burn the fats more readily and easily.

4) Carb- Re-Feed, once in a week
this strategy, you can keep one day in the week off and you can take
more carbohydrates on this day. For most of the people Saturday is
preferable. However, it is important to stick to the healthier Carb
sources like rice, oats, sweet potatoes, fruits, etc.
it should be taken care that this Carb Re feed should be performed
only once a day. It should not be increased more than one day as it
will fade away the effects of all the hard work we are doing by
taking low carb food.
in this article we have seen various ways to reduce the fats and to
lose weight. One can take the benefit from the information given in
this article, can follow the practices mentioned here and can lose
fat and lose weight effectively.

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